Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Steelers' Week sends spirits soaring

The Steelers’ James Harrison was once a Raven – for 8 days, but eventually he was a McDaniel College training camp casualty.

Clearly things have worked out for him in Pittsburgh and that has proven to be a double edged sword for the Ravens. Not only do they not have the benefit of Harrison’s services, the Ravens also must deal with him providing Pro Bowl caliber play for their arch rival.

The last time the two teams met, Harrison was involved in a very curious PAT attempt. Chris Chester fired out on the play towards Harrison’s legs and was flagged for a 5 yard penalty. Offensive linemen typically don’t fire out on PAT’s leading some Steelers to believe that Chester’s effort had dirty intent. It will be interesting to see if the Steelers try to retaliate.

Hines Ward doesn’t care all that much for the Ravens, particularly Terrell Suggs.

"I can't stand seeing Suggs celebrate. At the end of the day, you respect them, but every time I see a [Ravens] game plan, I get a big smile on my face because I can't wait to get on the field and compete."

Trust me Hines, that big smile after another of your dirty plays is far more infuriating to the Ravens.

Many team observers have questioned the Ravens perceived unwillingness to throw between the numbers. Maybe the team’s success rate in the middle of the field simply has said observers chomping at the bit for more because statistics suggest that Joe Flacco does attack there. Only Peyton Manning has thrown for more TD passes inside the numbers than Flacco (19 v. 18).

The Ravens intercepted three Matt Cassel passes on Sunday and all three came on snaps in which Baltimore had five or more defensive backs on the field. During the regular season, the Ravens were tied for first in the AFC with 17 interceptions using a nickel defense.

Some here in Baltimore have questioned the Ravens’ passing on Rex Ryan as their choice for head coach. One of the reasons they said no to Ryan was their concern about his maturity. The Ravens’ brass concluded that he did not bring the kind of leadership to the sideline that they envisioned for the team. It’s safe to say, Steve Bisciotti and his search team were right.

Ryan is not a stable head coach and while the Jets won’t admit it yet, he’s an embarrassment to their organization. The moment his team begins losing, is the moment that the Jets front office will begin plotting their Rex Ryan exit strategy.

Oh and for those who would welcome him back to Charm City as the defensive coordinator, that won’t happen either. He’s done in B’more.

Team spirit is peaking throughout the Land of Pleasant Living and Purple Passion is running rampant. Bring the spirit of Ravenstown to your home or party this Saturday and support a great cause at the same time.

You can download “Ravenstown” by Jon Petrelli on itunes for just $1.29 and contribute to OJ Brigance’s “Brigance Brigade.” Ravenstown…Baltimore’s Hometown!


Phil from Frostburg said...

You hit on a very important fact that most Ravens fans are oblivious to: We have had much better defensive success this year in coverage schemes than on blitz packages. We just don't have the pass rush horses to blitz effectively or to cover well without safety help. Sure, you have to blitz occasionally to mix it up, but the most dependable way for us to get off the field on 3rd and 8 all year has been to rush 3 or 4 and play zone coverage.

BTW, isn't it strange that Rex's extracurricular weirdness has died down as internet news, especially in New York?

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 Jan 15th 2010
....GAME DAY...
Ravens @ Steelers 4:30 PM
..Phil is a relatively new comer to the BEST RAVENS BLOG! Welcome..Phil lives not far from PITTSBURGH if my Geography is still sharp.
..Phil makes some excellent points that, I had not thought of before reading this today! I was chatting with another RAVENS FAN today who told me that BIG BEN is better vs the BLITZ! So, Phil is right on with that analysis.
.My friends and at Ravens Nest 14, Eldersburg, will be meeting at our Local American Legion Post 223 in Sykesville to watch the game on the big screen TV over there.
.Everything has been written and talked about for some time now. I am confident in a RAVENS win! Lets kick off and Play the Game!
Go Ravens

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 Jan 16th :-(
.. It will be a BLUE MONDAY in CRAB TOWN Tomorrow.
I , like, so many Ravens fans, cannot understand how the Ravens, first half OFFENSE turned into a PUMPKIN in the 2nd half. What happened: That is a question that hopefully the coaches will be Asked by the OWNER next week: The owner is a generous man willing to shell out big bucks for Players such as BOLDIN; However, somebody is responsible for his meager production on Saturday of MINUS_2 yards in the Steelers game on Saturday. I have many questions but no Answers.
Should Bulger have finally seen the FIELD in this Game. Those who donot PAY ATTENTION TO HISTORY, ARE BOUND TO REPEAT IT...I HAD VISIONS OF 2001 when SLASH , aka KORDELL STUART, Slashed up the Ravens in the 2nd half of that game, while GRBAC sat on the end of the Bench crying, and Randall Cunningham could do nothing but chafe-at-the-bit!!! for thought.
I would love to be a mouse in the corner when the end of season meetings take place and people must come up with Answers to this Failure. Again, this season JOE FLACCO was asked to take the next step. However, I do not think the Coaches ever unleashed JOE.. With the Fierce Steelers Rush and our Weak Offensive seems to me that Screen passes and draws may have been in order? Anything to stem the tide. Maybe a change behind center would have helped. I heard Brian Billick say on the NFL Network, recently that ...the move to replace the starting QB is a killer move: was the last game of the season, and EGOs would have had 8 months to HEAL.
...I rest my case... its gonna be long 8 months for Ravens fans until August!!