Thursday, January 20, 2011

Labor strife saving Cameron?

The Ravens fired offensive line coach John Matsko as an obvious diversionary tactic to redirect blame for the Ravens miserable offensive season. We all know that Cam Cameron needs to be replaced. The trouble is are there any candidates out there who can step in and be better?

Cameron critics might say there are plenty who could get more out of the Ravens talented roster. And while that may be true, here’s the rub…

If the league is unable to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement by March 3, there’s a chance that it could drag on for quite some time. Even optimists will only go so far to say that the games will be played on time in 2011. But what does that mean?

For me, it means that a big chunk of the offseason regiment – the OTA’s, the “non-mandatory” camps and workouts could all fall by the wayside. Perhaps even a portion of training camp may be at risk. We all sit here and believe that the owners and players will all come to their collective senses and get a new CBA done, but when?

DeMaurice Smith, the new NFLPA Executive Director, wants to put his thumbprint on this new CBA. He needs to validate his appointment to the position to his constituents – the players. And in doing so, he perhaps more so than any other individual, is dragging this process out. If the late Gene Upshaw was still with us I’m fairly confident that a new CBA would be done by now. But without him, personalities and egos cloud the issues and change the playing surface.

So as labor strife drags on and the typical OTA dates come and go so too does the opportunity for a new coordinator to implement a new system. There’s more risk and it then becomes easier to stick with something more familiar, i.e. Cam Cameron.

Why take a risk on let’s say a developing offensive assistant on the staffs of the Patriots or Chargers or Saints or Colts? How can a first time coordinator be productive without the practice time?

Cam Cameron should send DeMaurice Smith a thank you card.

He perhaps more so than anyone else has enabled Cameron to stay alive in Baltimore – unfortunately.


Jerry B said...

Could very well be. I cannot believe that either side in this debate is willing to "kill the goose that lays the golden eggs" because both sides have way too much to....lose! But, as we've seen repeatedly, avarice is a vice that all too often blurs common sense.......

John in Canton said...

Interesting angle and the more I think about it, you may be on to something.

Fran the Fan said...

Tony, your thinking is diabolical, but probably correct. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why Harbs is holding onto such an underperforming coordinator - under any circumstances, labor uncertainty or no.

That said, I really believe we are headed for a football armageddon in which the owners want to reduce their labor costs by any means and, if it means breaking the union along the way, so much the better.

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 Jan 20th
...The Three bloggers who wrote comments here are all thinking basically the same way, that we all are, TONY!
...However JERRY B must be drinking from the same WELL that I drink from..he used a statement that my DAD always used, in a desperate situation like this: Either side willing to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs"
.. With that said, I watch and listen to all things football every day, I read blogs and write blogs...The one thing that may prevent this IDIOCY, are the SPONSORS! They paid $$$ huge sums for these games and I gotta believe that big time PRESSURE will be coming from that side of the room.
...On the offensive coordinator issue...our owner is no dummy and he may be waiting for the smoke to clear and the dust to settle after the season, before he swings his sword again? I do not remember how many days passed, between giving the big contract to BRIAN BILLICK...before the OWNER Called Billick back into his office and said,
"ahhhh NEVER MIND..You're FIRED !!!

richieg said...

Quite a plausable theory - AND, based on past performance, 2011 will be a throw-away offensive season WITH camtheman (and speaking of Oz's apology for not providing enough time for the new WRs to become cohesive, how about 2011 w/o TJH, Stallworth, maybe Mason: who meshes w/o passing camp - Eron Riley + some draft choice?), OR without him: ERGO, send him on his way. They should have promoted Saunders if they really wanted continuity. And, when they admit (HolyCow - a candid comment) there was a communication problem re CC being a DonCoryel disciple and JZorn being a west coast BillWalsh guy, HOW did that happen to begin with and how do they plan to correct/improve THAT: PLEASE ASK!!! This smacks of total organizational incompetence.

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 Jan 21st
Wow, you can Tell that Fran the Fan is a CALVERT HALL GUY, he just broke out one of those big words that we did not learn at MT ST JOE :-) "DIABOLICAL"? I love it and its appropriate!
...RICHEIG REALLY NAILED IT WITH THIS..AND I COPIED IT FROM HIS BLOG.. 2011 will be a throw-away offensive season WITH camtheman (and speaking of Oz's apology for not providing enough time for the new WRs to become cohesive, how about 2011 w/o TJH, Stallworth, maybe Mason: who meshes w/o passing camp - Eron Riley + some draft choice?),
The Ravens traditionally promote from within. But, missed a huge opportunity to do that with Saunders ..possibly replacing CAMTHEMAN!
..I was in many organizations over my career in th IT field. Communication is key there as it is in football. When something is not going right; you call a meeting and find a solution. HELLO? aren't all of the coaches college grads..and they all have laptops and Cell phones..or even a novel IDEA..walk down the HALL in the Castle and pay a personal visit to discuss issues.
..THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN in a PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL ORGANIZAION. If the owner even suspected communication issues; Why in the name of JOHN UNITAS did he not step in and get the parties together and FIND a SOLUTION to the PROBLEMS.
..As for Ozzie not bringing the receivers in sooner to form a cohesive unity. How difficult can it be to learn the terminology about a 6 route or a 9 route. Training camp is more than enough time to get timing down with the QUARTERBACK *$!@$@#$@$ ???