Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Could job security factor into Harbaugh's choices of assistants?

I was surfing through the bios of each of the Ravens primary positional coaches, the 3 coordinators, QB coach and the Sr. Offensive Assistant. And a few observations jumped out at me:

1. The average age of these 12 assistants is 55.3 years of age; Harbaugh is 48; only TE Coach Wade Harman (47) and WR Coach Jim Hostler (44) are younger.

2. Of these coaches I could only find 3 that had NFL head coaching experience and the rest had no head coaching experience on any substantive level.

3. Those w/ head coaching experience are Cameron (50), Al Saunders (64) and Zorn (57).

4. Cameron was 1-15 in his only season with the Dolphins; Zorn was 12-20 in 2 seasons with the Redskins; and Saunders has a HC record of 17-22 during the 86-88 years with San Diego.

5. All told the assistants with HC experience have a combined record of 30-57 (.345) and their avg age is 57.

Now none of this is meant to be a knock on the skills and abilities of these assistants as assistants, but one could conclude that unlike Billick who has a pretty impressive coaching tree, none of these coaches will be head coaching candidates anywhere given their age, poor record, lack of head coaching experience or all of the above.

Could this be why Harbaugh is reluctant to replace Cameron or Mattison with young up and coming coaches?

Might job security be in the back of his mind?

After all, Steve Bisciotti didn't hesitate to pull the plug on Billick despite four years at $5 million per on the balance of his contract.


Jerry B said...

I don't think so, TL. I think it has more to do with relationships than anything else, although I heard a rather lucid reason today for not making changes, at least this year. With the spectre of a strike looming over the NFL, creating uncertainty about the offseason, etc., there may not be the enough time that such changes would require. Frankly, I'd still take my chances with change because without it, you know you're going to get more of the same......