Monday, January 17, 2011

Acid Indigestion Weekend in the NFL

Just when I thought I was over the loss to the Steelers, the New York Jets go and upset the New England Patriots. And now here come those feelings of frustration all over again!

No I’m not a closet Patriots fan nor do I have a man crush on Tom Brady. But a Patriots win would have helped in a number of ways.

First, I don’t like the Jets. In fact I find the possibility of them winning it all far more bothersome than the Patriots winning their fourth world championship. You think Rex Ryan is a gloating super-sized windbag now, just imagine what he’d be like hoisting The Lombardi Trophy at the podium in Dallas. My feet hurt just thinking about that.

Secondly, the Jets win means that the Steelers will once again host the AFC Championship Game, a game in which they are 3 point favorites. The thought of another Steelers Super Bowl win and this theme I keep hearing (Stairway to 7) has me reaching for the Tums.

And lastly, if the Ravens hadn’t experienced such a meltdown of epic proportions in the second half of their Divisional Playoff game in Pittsburgh, Baltimore would be hosting the AFC Championship.

This is heartbreak warfare!

Go Packers!


Jerry B said...

Rex Ryan, who was too much of a "loose canon" for Bisciotti, may just get the last laugh. First of all, his team just beat the Colts and Patriots back to back on the road; his QB looks alot better right now than Joe Flacco; his players absolutely love playing for him and, if they go on to win the Super Bowl, there will be alot of people in the "Castle" with egg on their faces! Frankly, I hope they do win it all......