Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ray Lewis coming throught the tunnel

Baltimore Magazine had a feature recently allowing its readers to get a feel for what it’s like to be a Raven. They asked Ray Lewis what it felt like to come out of the tunnel during pregame introductions.

“I pray all the time. That’s my time alone. The crowd is crazy, but I give God every piece of my energy, because I know what I’m about to go do to my body. I really go into my own zone when I’m there to completely be free. That’s the way I play. I don’t like nothing else outside of the pure moment of the competition.

"When they introduce me, you can’t hear, but that’s the electricity that’s going through the building. It’s just like ‘boom!’ ’cause everybody’s screaming so loud. I never plan it. It’s only in the moment. I deal with God directly, so when he gives it to me, I give it to [the crowd]. That Sunday will never be again. That’s what I always relay to them. I don’t care what you do, don’t hesitate on nothing, just play the game out, let the game take care of itself, because once this game is over, it’s over. That’s why it has to be about that moment. Whether it’s a game, whether it’s business, whether it’s kids, whether it’s life, it’s always that moment that you gotta be prepared.”

Other players feature in this interesting
Baltimore Magazine piece include: Ray Rice, Joe Flacco, Haloti Ngata, John Harbaugh, Terrell Suggs and Anquan Boldin.

The violence of the game is often understated and fans don’t see what these players go through during the days following a game to restore their bodies. Ray’s comments remind us of that.


Jerry B said...

All I know is that it will be a sad day when Ray finally hangs up his cleats! Players like him come along once in a lifetime and the excitement he brings to every game will be greatly missed! I only hope to see him win one more Super Bowl before he's through, but have my doubts about the current coaching staff's ability to do it.