Thursday, December 16, 2010

RADIO GAGA @ 105.7 The Fan

Ever since 105.7 The Fan moved Jeremy Conn into the chair opposite Scott Garceau, the show has soared in terms of enjoyment and insightfulness for fans of intelligent sports talk radio. Conn brings preparedness, passion, humor (although at times too far below the belt) and intelligence to Garceau’s program. The pair play off each other well BUT…and maybe this is me BUT the way Conn refers to the Ravens and the Ravens fans as “you guys” really chaps my ass. Conn was born and raised in Baltimore and covers Baltimore sports for a Baltimore sports station and the Ravens are “you guys”? C’mon Conn man! You better recognize! This is your hometown!

The Fan’s Mark Zinno will soon be departing for his second tour of duty in Iraq leaving behind radio sidekick Bruce Cunningham. I’d like to take a moment to thank Zinno for his commitment to country and to those like him who allow the rest of us to sleep under a blanket of security called freedom. It will be interesting to see what 105.7 does to replace Zinno without whom we would be subjected to sports talk radio’s answer to Deputy Dawg. Good luck Mark…return safely, soundly and happily.

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Anonymous said...

Cunningham is a goof! With all of the other capable talkers over there they should elbow Ron Burgundy to, oh I don't know, how about Sunday nights from midnight to 2am?