Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The "logic" behind the Ravens passive defensive approach

“We didn’t really want to pressure with a 28-7 lead too much in the second half with their receivers, and give them a big play with a one on one coverage situation,” John Harbaugh explained when questioned about the team's passive approach with a commanding lead.

“It’s not something that we felt was smart. Make them go the distance. They converted a couple fourth downs.

“I thought they did a nice job and those were in tight coverage.”

Our message board member NCRaven probably had the best response to Harbaugh's quote when he reminded us of this nugget from the great Samarui:

"Go into battle determined to die, and you will survive. Go into battle hoping to live and you will surely die."

I don’t know what to think about Harbaugh's quote, but when I heard it I couldn't help but to think of this scene from one of my all time favorite movies, The Shawshank Redemption.


Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 DEC 15th
... I have not seen that MOVIE, but now I think I will rent the DVD. Also, that Graphic says it all to me! They say a picture is worth 1,000 words: Well, that guy with his head up his BUTT is a Graphic representation of our current coaching staff.
...What in the name of GOD are they thinking? That pass play to BOLDIN in the HOUSTON game was the same darn play that they Ran vs the Stillers: and We all know what # 43 did to Flacco on that one.
..I am a computer programmer by trade and Logic is my business: There is no logic in repeating a process/play that has failed over and over again.
...Run the ball..or have Flacco run out to the right side of the field and look for an open receiver. If this Offensive line cannot open a hole for our running backs to gain 2 yards; Well...IMHO they do not belong in the NFL.
I know this is a broken record...but

Jerry B said...

See my comments to the earlier "blog" above! NFL coaches all too often come out of the same mold and follow the same conventional approaches, which is why so few are successful. Bill Belichick is an exception, of course, because he "gets it" on both sides of the ball! He attacks defenses relentlessly, never taking his foot off the gas and gets after the QB on defense. This nonsense about giving up the "big play" belies the fact the a harried QB is less accurate than one who can sit in the pocket and wait "all day" for a receiver to get open, which they eventually do no matter how many defenders drop back in coverage! Playing "not to lose" on either side of the ball is a recipe for.....LOSING!!!

Harryos29 said...

HARRYOS29 Dec 16th
Jeerry B really hit the nail on the head. They say that the NFL is a copycat league: ok coach bout looking up north and study what Coach Belichick is doing ?? HELLOOOOO?
.. I would love to see the Ravens turn into the greatest show on TURF or the Southern version of the TOM BRADY SHOW...
..Why not coach.?.dropping 8 back is just delaying the inevitable. They either beat you long, and score, or just beat you short. The TEXANS game was a perfect example of the FAILED "PREVENT DEFENSE:"

Jerry B said...

All anyone needs to know about what ails the Ravens' defense is summed up in the Sunpaper's article on Greg Mattison in which the coach acknowledges his preset game plan of going into Houston with 3 nose guards to provide the pass rush while dropping everybody else in coverage. How did that work out for you, coach?! If you looked up "incompetent" in the dictionary, Mattison's picture would appear there!