Sunday, December 05, 2010

Flacco set to take a big step tonight

Joe Flacco took a huge step in his career when he rallied the Ravens in Pittsburgh to beat the Steelers 17-14 during Week 4 of the 2010 season. And count me among those who believe that game winning pass to TJ Houshmandzadeh with 34 seconds remaining will take Flacco to a new level when he takes on the Ravens arch rival.

The signs have been there. Since the 2009 season Flacco has stared down the Steelers 3 times and he’s produced a QB rating of 89.3 and if not for Derrick Mason’s drop of a perfectly thrown pass last December 27, he would have a 94.5 rating. Taking that a step further, if not for the drop Flacco would be riding a 3 game winning streak against the Steelers.

Tonight’s game against the Steelers sets up nicely for the Ravens signal caller and this could be the game that tilts this rivalry in favor of Baltimore – if Flacco protects the football.

During his career, Flacco has lost 7 fumbles. Three of those turnovers were at the hands of the Steelers.

It seems that every time these teams hook up at least once during the game, Flacco will hold the ball a bit too long – the equivalent of football chum in the water for the sharks named Harrison and Woodley. It’s a rather disturbingly bad habit that Flacco has developed. If he can avoid such mental breakdowns, cut his losses and throw the ball away and avoid such game changing plays, this game might actually be a convincing win for the Ravens.

Cut your losses Joe and you’ll add one to the “L” column for the Steelers.

Ravens 23, Steelers 17


Jerry B said...

Flacco will not take the "next step" until the offensive coordinator allows him to, which does not look very likely! The loss last night was not due to poor effort or personnel, it was due to poor.....coaching, particularly on offense, where it has struggled all year long under the former 1-15 head coach!!!

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 Dec 6th 5 pm
...Well Hind site is always 20-20.
I predicted to my buddies in Ravens Nest 14 that I expected a Three-Point loss to the Steelers. However... I thought that that Ravens would score two Touchdowns.
.. I forgot that SCROOGE is our offensive coordinator. (Cameron).
WEll in Cams Defense and Flaccos' defense, we went into the game with ONE HAND TIED behind our collective BACKS. WHo could have predicted that TODD HEAP would be hurt on the first play of the game. I've said it many times today..that looked like the same play that went for a BIG TD vs the BUCS last week. If Todd and the Ravens didn't have BAD luck...they would have no luck at all.
..Back to Coaching: Why in the name of GOD did the Ravens go out and Sign a healthy FB and then not only Deactivate him for the game, but Mc Clain also? If Ben can play with a gimpy foot..why did they not SHOOT up MC CLAIN before the game and let him atleast try to block # 43 when he was coming in from the BLIND SIDE, because Michael Oher did not block him... Here is some information that I saw on FIRST TAKE on ESPN today..and I respect Merrill HODGE very much. He explained the way that Harrison executed the play , by taking an Inside Move at Grubbs which took Ohers attention away from Palamalu for a second and that let him come free to get to JOE on the pnultimate play that doomed the Ravens.
... I am sick of my Favorite team losing to the Steelers. Especially to a man who should not even be playing in the league after his many off field Transgressions. But this is the NFL today. Look 90 miles up the road at who is playing QB for the IGGLES. Apparently, its all about the money and nobody has concern for Character; It's all about the Almighty dollar and TV Ratings.
I'm Done..just like the Ravens chances for Home Field if they Make the play offs: Speaking of that..only a fool would send in money for play off Tickets: They will hold your money and make interest off of it for 9 months until next year. If I sound a bit like Derek Mason, well..that is the way I'm feeling today!