Thursday, December 02, 2010

Dirty Finnegan, Whining Hard

Andre Johnson is said to be a mild-mannered guy who respects the game, coaches and teammates. And for the most part he respects his opponents – unless that opponent is Cortland Finnegan.

Finnegan is said to be a player who is engaged in the community and a giving person off the field. But when Finnegan steps between the lines a switch is flipped and his version of Mr. Hyde is unleashed. It’s then that he morphs into a punk and a hot head.

And he gets dirty!

Just ask his peers who voted Finnegan the league’s sixth dirtiest player last season. You have to wonder where he’d rank in 2010. According to Finnegan aspires to be named “the” dirtiest player in the NFL.

Can this guy really be that stupid?

Perhaps the most endearing thing Finnegan has done in recent years is the way he laid out Hines Ward during the 2008 season (pictured).

Speaking of Ward and dirt, last year’s Sports Illustrated dirtiest player poll placed the Steelers all-time pass catcher at the top of the list. Now Ward is quickly becoming one of the league’s biggest whiners too, hence the alias, Whines Hard. Check out this VIDEO.

I don’t know about you but I find it amusing that one of the biggest cheap shot artists in league history is concerned about player safety. And he has the stones to call the league’s ivory tower a bunch of hypocrites?

C’mon man!

Will someone wearing purple PLEASE Cortland Finnegan his ass up on Sunday Night!


Jerry B said...

Taunting has become an unfortunate fact in the NFL today, which only adds fuel to the debate over "aggressive" hits! Years ago, when pro football was more sport than entertainment, taunting was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct. But, it's part of the "culture" today with no apparent end in sight. So, there will be more such incidents as players respond to the...taunting!

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 Dec 3rd
...The NFL knows how to stop this Taunting. Not with Stiffer fines either...I'm sure, when the player is fined, the player will just call his AGENT and say ..."WRITE A CHECK"..
..I feel that SUSPENSIONS are in order. That will hurt the team and give the coach and GM more incentive to beat some sense into the heads of these guys , who insist on CHILDISH BEHAVOIR...
Like DENNIS MILLER says, "That is just my opinion, I could be wrong"