Thursday, December 16, 2010

Deja vu for Bisciott?

During the fall of 2009 we welcomed Steve Bisciotti at the Greene Turtle in Ocean City during our Ravens Rap show. One of the things discussed was Brian Billick’s contract and the financial hit he took by firing the former head coach just one year into his contract extension.

Bisciotti joked, “I didn’t take the hit. My kids did.”

That said I think he’ll do a lot of soul searching and questioning of John Harbaugh before he completes an extension for the three year head coach.

I’ve heard from people in Ravens’ headquarters that the building staff members who aren’t near the top of the food chain at The Castle are not respected by ball coach and his condescending attitude is beginning to wear on them.

Sound familiar?

This is one of the problems that Bisciotti had with Billick.

Bisciotti is a communication freak and constantly encourages the free flow of information and ideas. When those higher up in the food change sport and attitude towards the “lower downs”, it chokes the flow that the Ravens owner nurtures.

Harbaugh deserves his extension but it won’t come without a wakeup call from his boss.


Jerry B said...

I'm not sure he "deserves" an extension! Sure, he's taken a talented team to the playoffs two years in a row and, hopefully, this third year as well. But, the performance of his team overall has regressed. And, his coordinators across the board are rank amateurs who play "not to lose" more than they play to win! One of the reasons Belichick is hated is because his teams NEVER take their foot off the gas and, frankly, that's the attitude the Ravens need. But, by their own admission, they try to protect leads by playing "soft" on defense so as not to give up the "big play" and get ultra-conservative on offense, both with predictable results. Look, I've been critical of Mattison since he came here and instituted his "college" style of offense where 7 & 8 drop in coverage to avoid that "big play". Well, that may work in college where QBs aren't as accurate as pros, but rather than worrying about giving up a possible "big play" and having defenders chasing receivers all over the field giving up long, exhausting sustained drives, their energy would be better spent chasing the QB! As for the offense, Flacco needs to be in the "shotgun" almost exclusively, where he's already set, can see the passing lanes and pressure as opposed to retreating from center with his back to the pressure while waisting valuable seconds setting up! Joe isn't Tom Brady, but the "system" that Belichick employs, with quick crossing patterns, and "picks and screens" coming off of spread formations would work well here, too. In fact, Ray Rice is so adept at getting open, catching the ball and converting YAC, he could be our version of....Wes Welker! In the final analysis, most of the Ravens' problems have to do with coaching and Bisciotti would be well advised to make sure his current head coach "gets it" or replace him with one who....does!

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 Dec 18th
Well.. I couldn't blog on this site without remembering one of the best characters in the music world; Keith Richards! KEITH is just 3 days older than I am, and 7 days older than the man who provides this forum for all of us DIE HARD Ravens Fans; Happy Birthday, Keith and
Happy Birthday TONY!!!

However, people feel about Harbaugh his record speaks for itself: 3 years as head coach and 3 years in the playoffs...almost.
.. I say this all the time; When I was in the working world my last years were as a supervisor of a diverse group(17) of IT professionals; I never forgot where I came from and always treated the folks with respect and dignity. When I retired, they gave me a big party and i was honored that 125 people attended my send off into retirement; somehow when Harbaughs days in Baltimore are over, I don't see that many people attending, if he continues to DIS THE PEOPLE below him...

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 Dec 18th..
JERRY B, you stole all of my thunder...but again, my friend you nailed it.
..When things are so obvious to even the most casual observer, why dont' the RAVENS COACHES GET IT?
..I'm sure most of the Ravens fans, who really look into how the team is coached, feel the same way as you and I.
Again, happy holidays to you, and all Ravens Fans!