Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Washington's slump spells opportunity for Mr. Wilson

Fabian Washington’s slump at corner is on par with a golfer who can’t get off the tee or a hitter who bails on the slider. He’s a train wreck right now and for his and the club’s sake, Greg Mattison should try and restore his confidence in nickel or dime situations. Josh Wilson is the superior player at the moment and he plays with far more confidence plus he’s a much more technically skilled tackler than Washington who as of late grabs more air than he does ball carriers.

Wilson looked very solid on Sunday against the Dolphins and demonstrated great technique defending a go route against the much taller Brandon Marshall in the Ravens’ end zone. He should and will get the start on Thursday night.

Wilson arrived in Baltimore via a trade with the Seattle Seahawks. The former second round pick cost the Ravens a conditional pick (4th or 5th round) based on the number of starts in 2010. From what we’ve learned even if Wilson starts the remaining games this regular season, he will not reach the number required to give Seattle a fourth round pick. Therefore the cost for Wilson is a fifth and that could prove to be a very worthwhile investment for the Ravens this season.


Anonymous said...

Washington looked very good before the Buffalo debacle where, frankly, they all looked bad! I continue to think that the secondary problems have more to do with coaching and schemes than personnel. The 3/4 man rush usually puts more pressure on the secondary than the opposing QB as receivers have time to "work open"! And, everytime I see Haloti Ngata or Kelly Gregg dropping back in pass coverage, I want to throw up! Talk about a waste of talent! Yes, Wilson was "solid" in the second half, but so was the entire defense as they shut the Dolphins out. Could it have resulted from better use of personnel? You bet it could and....did!!

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 Nov 10th
I remember watching JOSH WILSON when he played for the TERPS a few years Back. Always a solid defender.
I have a recommendation for GREG Mattison for Thursday Nite. Put an extra linebacker in the mix...someone who can bring down a 240lb back. It scares me to think of what TURNER may do to the Ravens ,, if he gets to the 2nd Level. Also, Matt Ryan is a very accurate passer: The Ravens have a tuff test on Thursday nite, lets hope we can out score them too. No more DEAD DRIVES in the RED Zones! Play off teams score TOUCHDOWNS in the RED zone!!