Thursday, November 11, 2010


Terrell Suggs has been the target of much fan criticism for a few reasons: 1) The Ravens struggle to get to the quarterback and Suggs is considered to be the premier Raven to get there; and 2) No. 55 is the highest paid Raven. Mix the two and you get a fan base wanting more. Many will go so far to say that they wish Suggs was more like Dwight Freeney. Be careful what you wish for.If you take in an Indianapolis Colts game, you will notice that Freeney is often off to the sidelines early on downs. Now it could be argued that the Colts are simply trying to keep Freeney fresh in order to get to the quarterback more effectively or it may be concluded that Indy views Freeney as a liability when defending the run. Perhaps it's both.

Draw your own conclusions but before you do, consider that the two have the same number of sacks (5) through 8 games; Freeney has forced more fumbles (3-1) and defended more passes (2-1) while Suggs has far more tackles (34-13).Freeney is obviously flashier and more fun to watch but the numbers hardly suggest the Colts' DE is better. You might even make the argument that Freeney has more explosive pass rushing teammates thus making his job a bit easier than Suggs'.

HURT SO GOOD...Last season Jarret Johnson's play made many who missed Adalius Thomas forget about the versatile former Ravens' backer. JJ played through a shoulder injury and had a career high 6 sacks, 2 interceptions and 4 passes defended. This season JJ came in healthier and most expected an even more productive campaign from the two-time captain of the Alabama Crimson Tide. It's not happening and there is concern within the Ravens' inner circle.Johnson has often failed to hold down the edge against the run and he's just not the playmaker that he was in '09. His ineffectiveness places an even greater burden on Terrell Suggs.


Jerry B said...

Suggs gets double-teamed frequently and is a casualty of Mattison's "passive" pressure philosophy that drops 7 & 8 in coverage, which not only hurts the pass rush and puts pressure on the secondary, it also makes us more vulnerable to the run! Suggs is the more complete player as well as the better athlete - Freeney's one-dimensional!

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 Nov 11, 2010
Today is a day that we should remember all of our Veterans who have kept us free: My Dad and 2 uncles fought in WW-II and I always remember them on this day;
Speaking of fights, I do not think that Suggs, has a fighting chance without a HEALTHY/EFFECTIVE J.J. on the other side. Question? Who are the RAVENS grooming to take J.J.'s place? Gooden, Burgess ?? I sit here and only dream about how much a healthy Sergio Kindle would have made this year. Lets hope this young man is able to come back 100% in 2011. However, we need more out of that position in 2010! Who do we have now that can step-up and help us now?