Thursday, November 04, 2010

Ravenstown, Baltimore's Hometown

A few months ago a friend of mine Jon Petrelli asked me to post a great little tune of his on my Facebook page to help spread the word about "Highlandtown." It's a catchy song that serves as a nostalgic jaunt down memory lane for both Jon and those of us with roots in that charming Southeastern Baltimore community.

When I heard the record it was hard for me not to imagine a similar one, perhaps even a musical sibling of sorts entitled Ravenstown. Jon immediately liked the idea and then asked me to develop some lyrics. Very excited by such a new challenge I dived right in and handed them over to Jon the next morning.

But when he tried to match the lyrics and the tune together, the vibe wasn't right because it was too close to his touchtone creation, Highlandtown.

If Ravenstown was to have a life, it had to take on a different form.

The song had to be about not only football, but also a sense of community. We wanted a Hallmark sound card of civic pride.

You see both Jon and I strongly believe that football and music can inspire people to put aside their differences. Even if only for a few moments in time we can create communal ties that bind and allow them to conquer frictions that sometimes fray those ties.

If you think back to the season of 2000 and Super Bowl XXXV, our community experienced a togetherness that hadn't been seen or felt for years in Baltimore thanks to the success of the Ravens.

All those years without a football team...

All those rejections by the NFL's expansion committee...

All of former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue's "Build a Museum" cynicism...


The Ravens brought us together and gave us a reason to shout.

Now, borrowing from your collective purple passion, civic pride and Baltimore's insatiable desire to channel energy through music we give you another reason to shout for the next 3 minutes and 15 seconds...RAVENSTOWN


grannylanni said...

FANTASTIC!!!! am sending to my daughter in Canada. they are all RAVENS fans.