Sunday, November 07, 2010

Ravens v. Dolphins: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly & The Megan Fox

Whenever you don't punt in an entire game, chances are your team is on the plus end of the scoreboard. The Ravens didn't punt. This game wasn't as close as the scoreboard indicates and even the scoreboard wasn't kind to the Dolphins.

THE GOOD: Cam Cameron called a nice game and he was effective getting many different players involved in the offense...Joe Flacco show efficiency delivering for his coordinator and spread the ball nicely. He was sharp for the most part, save an ill advised out to Anquan Boldin that should have resulted in a pick 6 by Sean Smith at the 2:59 mark of the third quarter with the Ravens leading 20-10. If Smith finishes that play, who knows how the game ends. It was yet another example of Flacco predetermining his throws. Flacco was much more patient on screens and it paid handsome dividends...Willis McGahee ran hard and with purpose. He showed patience while weaving his way through the Dolphins' defense...Haloti Ngata delivered a statement to the Dolphins offense to open the second half when he dropped Ricky Williams in convincing fashion for no gain. Ngata added another sack and two QB hurries...Josh Wilson subbing for the badly slumping Fabian Washington demonstrated great technique while covering the much taller Brandon Marshall on a go route down the left sideline. He had an interception and 3 passed defended during the second half. He was also effective on special teams...Props to TJ Houshmandzadeh on his downfield blocking and to Derrick Mason for once again proving that he's no ordinary 36-year-old wide receiver.

THE BAD: The left side of the defensive line was destroyed by the Dolphins offensive line early in the contest as Ronnie Brown found inviting holes to navigate. Jarret Johnson was particularly weak on contain. He's just not the player he was in 2009...The short yardage offense is a wreck and is screaming for repairs. A 6-2 team should not be ranked 26th in the league on third and one with the weapons they have. Cameron must clean this up...The offensive line struggled against the Dolphins athletic front in pass protection, particularly Matt Birk and Marshal Yanda. Yanda had fits with Cameron Wake...Fabian Washington was awful and deserved the benching. His confidence appears shattered and that's not what the Ravens need heading into Atlanta. His performance, coupled with Josh Wilson's plus effort, makes one wonder if Washington will ever start another game for the Ravens. He's a free agent after the 2010 season...Sam Koch, one of the league's best holders dropped a perfect snap from Morgan Cox on a field goal attempt...Le'Ron McClain...shut up and let your play do the talking...Terrell Suggs, act like you've had a sack before.

THE UGLY: The Ravens red zone offense was a pathetic 1 of 7 (14%). They were unorganized and the collective body language of the unit suggested a lack of commitment and physicality inside the Dolphins' 20. On nine first half red zone plays the Ravens managed an anemic 4 yards - TOTAL. Adding to their red zone woes were 3 penalties for 20 yards, a wasted timeout following a delay of game and a muffed hold on a FGA. Makes you wonder what they were doing during the bye in this area.

THE MEGAN FOX: During the Patriots and Bills games, Ray Rice looked sluggish and lacked his usual burst and dazzling change of direction skills. The bye week rest agreed with Rice and that burst was in full bloom against the Phins. Miami head coach Tony Sparano's plan was to commit the resources to take away Rice and McGahee and let Flacco beat him. Maybe the Dolphins' linebackers didn't get that memo. While they did a decent job of bottling up Rice on the ground (22 rushes for 83 yards) they had no answer for No. 27 in the passing game (7 catches for 97 yards), nor McGahee for that matter. Welcome back Ray!

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Jerry B said...

Accurate assessment, TL. Red Zone play calling is way too "vanilla". Need to mix it up with some misdirection, play action and an occasional rollout to give Flacco the run/pass option and the "split-second" advantage these types of plays give to the offense! At times, it appears that the game is too fast for Flacco, but with all his talent and tools, it's probably more a coaching issue than a talent issue......

Scott said...

"Terrell Suggs, act like you've had a sack before."

Haha. I love T-Sizzle as much as the next Ravens fan but I am so glad that I am not the only one that feels this way. As far as I am concerned, when you record more than one sack every other game, then you can dance. Until then, don't act like a jackass.

Anonymous said...

Josh Wilson great pickup for 5th. Tony, what's the deal with the trade? How do Hawks get a 4th? The guy looked legit yesterday and made a nice tackle on teams too. Kudos to Newsome and DeCosta. Harbs gave your boy credit for pushing that trade.

Tony Lombardi said...

Wilson arrived in Baltimore via a trade with the Seattle Seahawks. The former second round pick cost the Ravens a conditional pick (4th or 5th round) based on the number of starts in 2010. From what we’ve learned even if Wilson starts the remaining games this regular season, he will not reach the number required to give Seattle a fourth round pick. Therefore the cost for Wilson is a fifth and that could prove to be a very worthwhile investment for the Ravens this season.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the insight on the Wilson trade.

We knew you'd get the details.