Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ravens defense lacks TNT

The Ravens have struggled to generate a pass rush and to do so, Mattison will need to get creative and he'll need to do it quickly as the Ravens prepare for Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons. Ryan is a very proficient quarterback in the Georgia Dome (13-1) and if given ample time to throw, he can and probably will pick the Ravens defense apart. But if Mattison can get Ryan to move from his spot and force him to back up, the Ravens could produce turnovers. Ryan doesn't have Joe Flacco-like arm strength and if he throws off his back foot, ball hawk Ed Reed just might be able to make a big play.

One of the ways the Ravens were successful in '09 in forcing QB hurries was by blitzing Lardarius Webb from the nickelback slot. It may work to the Ravens advantage to let Webb work from that position during obvious passing situations and move the underrated Chris Carr to corner. Webb has an explosive first step and is a far more threatening blitzer than Haruki Nakamura.

SPEAKING OF EXPLOSIVE FIRST STEPS...We all remember Kelly Gregg's ability to anticipate a snap count, use great technique while borrowing from his collegiate wrestling days and knife his way into the offensive backfield to disrupt plays. That appears to be a thing of the past as Gregg's effectiveness is diminishing rapidly.

Not helping matters much is the ineffectiveness of Terrence Cody. So much time and attention has been given to Cody's conditioning and it now appears as though the first year player has hit the proverbial rookie wall early. After the long collegiate season at Alabama followed by the Scouting Combines, Pro Player Days, etc, Cody looks like he's out of gas on the field. We are seeing none of the promise that he exhibited during the preseason. Brandon McKinney, a healthy scratch this past Sunday, has been much better.


Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 Nov 10th
Regarding the LACK of PASS Rush. They they jetison TREVOR PRYCE too soon? What they have been doing has CLEARLY (Billickism) Not worked. How bout a 5 man rush with only 2 LIne Backers? Try something "different"

Jerrry B said...

I've said this so much that it's even starting to! The problem has more to do with Mattison and his philosophy and schemes than it does personnel! Just one fan's opinion, however.....

Anonymous said...

Mattison has no imagination and he takes no risks. Harbaugh made a huge mistake hiring his buddy to take over this defense. But knowing Harbaugh it will be a few years before he relieves his buddy of his duties.