Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lets' focus on the winning and ditch the whining!

It was difficult to find comfort in the Ravens performance against the Carolina Panthers this past Sunday. Once again they failed to put away an inferior team. The defensive scores at the end of the game for me were on par with the Orioles scoring 2 game clinching runs because the Yankees committed a couple of throwing errors.

It felt a bit empty and I know many of you feel the same way.

After decompressing, marinating in what was against the Panthers, I took a step back and looked at the big picture and then reflected upon my own preseason projections.

Most of us will look at the Ravens schedule before the season kicks off and project wins and losses. I had the Ravens going 11-5 and I can tell you without a smidgen of hesitation that I plotted the Ravens exact course to 7-3 back in August.

I think the Ravens are in a good spot.

No they are not setting the world on fire and they are clearly a flawed team.

But what team among the teams with winning records isn’t a flawed team?

Isn’t it better to sit here at 7-3 and say with absolute certainty that the Ravens have yet to play their best football in 2010? There are no style points awarded by the NFL. A win is a win is a win. We only need to look back to the 2000 season for proof of that.

Do you think that 15-10 win over Jacksonville during the Super Bowl season was a thing of beauty?

What about that 10-3 loss to the Redskins or the 13-7 win over the hapless Arizona Cardinals?

The Ravens were flawed in 2000 and they are flawed now but in the end, it doesn’t matter how pretty a team is standing. What matters is that they ARE standing.

Can the Ravens get better? ABSOLUTELY!

Will they? Well that remains to be seen but if they do, anything can happen because the NFL today is about as mediocre as I can ever remember. No team is dominant and more than ever before the overused cliché “Any Given Sunday” resonates.

Three weeks ago the Patriots were waxed by the Cleveland Browns. Today they are considered the league’s best team after wins against the Steelers and the Colts. How will they be considered two weeks from now?

We don’t know.

What we do know is the Ravens are in the mix, they can get better, there’s no team they can’t beat and they control their own destiny.

The Ravens are where many of us thought they’d be – even hoped they’d be.

So in this the season of thanks, let’s be thankful we are winning and stop all the whining!


Harryos29 said...

...Tony, I hate to patronize you..but you have summed up my feelings to a "T".
..Great comment on...no Style points in the NFL. Take the first win of the season over the
JETS 10-9.. a great defensive struggle over a pretty darn good football team as we are finding out, now that the season is in the 10 weekend. I hate to use this term but "BOTTOM LINE" we got a win and the JETS got a loss on their record after that game. That is all that matters.
...What is that old country song, LOVE THE ONE YOU'RE with? The Ravens have no way of dramatically changing this roster during 2010: Lets just support these 53 football players and hope that they over-achive for the next 6 games and get to the DANCE!

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29
I just rewatched the Pacino clip from any given sunday. Seriously, I want to go out there and beat up onto the next opponenet, myself.
HARBAUGH, needs to show this clip to the Ravens at 3:50 pm this coming Sunday, and see what happens? I think the results will be to the liking of all of us fans!!!!!