Saturday, October 02, 2010

Ravens roster moves raise questions

A lot of attention and opinion has been directed towards the Ravens recent release and Jets subsequent signing of 35-year-old defensive end/tackle Trevor Pryce. Local critics of the move are miffed that the Ravens let a player go who over the last 4 seasons has racked up 26 sacks. The move is a bit disturbing to some considering the inability of Greg Mattison’s unit to muster any kind of pass rush.

Clearly Mattison needs to go back to the X’s and O’s board to concoct a pass rush but let’s be honest here – Pryce looks done. Yet I’m sure Rex Ryan will go out of his way to see that Trevor appears successful in New York. Sacks and QB pressures are an easy stat to measure. Getting trucked by opposing offensive linemen on running plays is oftentimes missed by the average fan or not even picked up clearly by the typical TV angle.

But coaches know and that’s why Pryce is gone.

Coaches probably also know why Pryce’s roster spot was given to recently waived veteran safety Ken Hamlin. For me that was the more interesting move of the two.

Now the Ravens will tell you that bringing back Hamlin was their plan all along.

The question is, “For how long?”

Is Hamlin simply a physical presence in the running game that Mattison would like to employ against the Steelers? Have they gone sour on Tom Zbikowski when facing physical opponents after the former Golden Domer was used a crash test dummy by Browns’ RB Peyton Hillis?

It’s not as though the team is lacking in safeties given a roster that consists of Zbikowski, Dawan Landry, Haruki Nakamura and Cary Williams who can double up as a safety. Ed Reed will return in 3 weeks.

Is Hamlin simply an insurance policy or bridge to get to Reed?

Sunday should provide some insight.

After all inquiring minds want to know, right?


Jerry B said...

Knowing Harbaugh's background as a "Special Team's" coach, he probably wanted Hamlin for use there......

Phil said...


what have you possibly seen in Carey Williams that makes you think he could play safety? does he really have the mental ability to play back there? Has he ever lined up there for the Ravens in practice or games?

That's why the Ravens need Hamlin. he's the fourth safety. Because two play at a time, you need more than one backup on gameday.

Tony Lombardi said...


The Ravens say he could play safety in a pinch...not me. Here's a question for you...did Trevor Pryce play safety?

Isn't his the roster spot that Hamlin assumed?