Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Ravens lose Pryce, need to lose empty backfield too

As time goes by it appears more likely that the Ravens dangled Trevor Pryce expecting Rex Ryan to take the bait. The team views Pryce as a player with rapidly diminishing skills and if they didn’t see him that way, why part ways with a player who has had 26 sacks over the past four seasons particularly considering the team’s inability to generate a consistent pass rush? When you also consider that Pryce’s spot was taken by safety Ken Hamlin and the Ravens activated more defensive linemen than usual against the Steelers it suggests that Pryce was hardly priceless and very expendable.

Back to the pass rush, Greg Mattison’s unit hasn’t been able to strike fear in the hearts of opposing signal callers. But despite the absence of an upfront push the team’s pass defense is ranked No. 1 in the league after four games by a comfortable 20+ yard average. So much for the secondary being the team’s Achilles’ heel.

One area that the Ravens need to clean up is their short yardage offense. Emptying the backfield on third and short is flat out ridiculous. Spreading teams out is one thing. Tipping your hand exposes your quarterback particularly against a dangerous pass rush like that of the Steelers.


Harryos29 said...

Tuesday Oct 5th HARRY OS 29
... I'm amazed at the Ravens rating on defense, especailly since right now, they have NO Players with the ability of ED REED nor Chris Mc Alister back there. ARE THEY DOING IT WITH MIRRORS ?
...As for the Offense, I question many of the CALLS: However, Cam knows so much more about OFFENSIVE football than I do, and I'm sure he is doing the best with WHAT PLAYERS HE HAS AVAILABLE
The Ravens need a 100% healthy Ray Rice and a solid Offensive line in front of him. I think with JARED GAITHER, the time is coming soon where your FISH or CUT BAIT? is that the saying I'm looking for ? BUT...you get my meaning. From what I know of Gaither at Maryland, it was a Chance they knew they were taking when they selected him; Not all gambles work out. On Joe Flacco, I'm sure that ZORN reminds him all the time, not to throw off your back foot. Every time Joe does this...as is evident by his interception, while trying to hit Mason in the game on sunday, it Results in a negative play for our offense.
.. HEY... we are 3 and 1 and need to be happy with this. Personal note, I was in PA over the weekend and attended an Apple Fest with my wife: I kept looking for people with STEELER JERSEYS on and every time I saw one, I engaged in Conversation with them about the game. Every one of them totally disregarded the Ravens Offense and they kept telling me, to a man, that POLAMALU WOODLEY and HARRISON would chew up the Ravens offense. I wish I could go back and talk to those guys today...

Jerry B said...

No question about it, TL! And, if you're going to pass in short yardage situations, give your QB that fraction of a second "edge" with play action or misdirection or the pass-run option afforded by a rollout. The empty backfield thing ain't working! Mattison hasn't really faced a quality QB yet, except for Palmer who's struggling, but if he doesn't get more pressure on opposing QBs, there's going to be a lot of pressure on our secondary in the weeks to come. In fact, we face a pretty "hot" QB Sunday in Kyle Orton.....