Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The NFL just unleashed a beast

NBC analyst and former New England Patriot Rodney Harrison had some interesting things to say regarding the effectiveness of fines in discouraging flagrant helmet to helmet hits. Harrison, once an aggressive hard hitting Pro Bowl safety explained on Sunday Night Football that he used to set aside $50,000 each season for fines that he expected to receive because of his style of play.

The fines he explained, did not discourage his style of play but he admitted that if the element of a suspension was introduced that his dedication to his team and the possibility of a lost game and 1/16th of his annual salary (a game check) would influence him to throttle down on the aggressive hitting.

Current Patriot Brandon Meriweather should be suspended immediately. He leads with his helmet and leaps into defenseless receivers repeatedly. There were at least three situations, arguably four during the Ravens v. Patriots contest on Sunday when Meriweather launched into Ravens. If the connection on Heap was the only evidence of his eagerness to injure opponents, you might simply fine him and hope he learns a lesson going forward. But repeat offenders like him are dangerous and as explained by Rodney Harrison, a fine isn’t enough.

Disagree? Then maybe you should consider this from Meriweather on WEEI Monday via the Boston Herald:

"I was playing aggressive and something happened. I’m going to be aggressive. Point blank. I won't change my game, period. I'm sorry it happened."

Doesn’t sound to me like he’s sorry enough and if this loose cannon isn’t dealt with properly the NFL will have some explaining to do should this reckless player maim another later this season.