Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Lights Out" in B'more?

The name of Shawne Merriman has been kicked around a lot recently for obvious reasons. The Ravens need to improve their pass rush, Merriman is from nearby Washington, DC, played for Ralph Friedgen at the University of Maryland and he shares a bond with Ray Lewis.

But does he have game anymore?

Word is the Ravens are interested if he passes their physical and if Merriman is willing to make some financial concessions. The bigger hurdle for both parties however is likely to be Merriman’s inability to pass through waivers. Teams with a worse record than the Ravens 4-2 mark have the option of claiming the former sack master before Ozzie Newsome can even get to the point of contractual discussions and pending physical.

Clearly the Ravens need to do something. The roster is dangerously devoid of pass rushers and the absence of Sergio Kindle is now even more daunting.


Scott said...

Once Merriman stopped with the juice his ability predictably plummeted. The Ravens would be wise to pass on him.

BitterSuburbian said...

What the hell are we paying 10 million to Suggs for? He has been so non existent this year.

Jerry B said...

This guy's "game" seemed to wane with the allegation a few years ago that he used steroids. That being said, if he can still rush the passer.....bring him on!!!!

Harryos29 said...

harry os 29 oct 24th 7:30 pm
Having just witnessed the Great Harvard Grad, Ryan Fitzpatrick, shred the Ravens, once great defense to the tune of 500 yards: I'f I'm OZZIE, I am coming the streets for anybody who can rush the Passer.
..Todays effort was awful. I saw Kruger in there, but he appeared in effective just like SUGGS. I have always contended that the NFL has Relaxed the HOLDING PENALTY rules so much that they should go back to Tear-Away Jerseys for the Defensive Line man. That would show you who was holding for sure.
...YES...if we have a shot at MERRYMAN; I'd take a chance;;; Unless the STILLERS let Jame Harrison lose ? WVEG