Thursday, October 21, 2010

Here's a "Tweet" for you Le'Ron...There's no "I" in "Team"

Le’Ron McClain apparently took exception to some fan criticism on his Twitter account after the game in New England this past Sunday and lost his cool, firing back some not-so-flattering commentary about the football IQ of fans. The comments were quickly deleted.

Twitter followers of McClain allegedly blamed the Ravens’ fullback for the loss to the Patriots citing his unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in overtime and its subsequent affect on field position.

“That was a selfish play by me,” McClain said. “I put us in a predicament. I ain’t going to put that game on that one call. Stuff happens.”

McClain hasn’t exactly been a model player when it comes to maturity. Besides the mental breakdown in overtime, this summer McClain waged a silly campaign to be featured more as a running back with the hope of a bigger pay day down the road. There have been some whispers in Ravens’ circles that he’s been a bit envious of the carries given to Willis McGahee (clearly this Sunday excluded).

McClain has also been a bit of a trash talker and self-promoter.

“[Rookie Jermaine Cunningham] got a little cheap shot on me,” McClain said. “I was killing dude, all day. I guess he got frustrated and took a little shove, and they saw my shove on him. He was talking all game.”

A rookie got in the head of a two-time Pro Bowler. Think about that…

Hopefully John Harbaugh can reel McClain in but that said, it’s something to keep an eye on and it wouldn’t surprise me if this is McClain’s last season in B’more.