Friday, October 01, 2010

Can't Play Like a Raven? Then go play like a Jet!

Jealousy and envy are dangerously negative emotions and they can tear at the fabric of any relationship. It seems to me this is exactly the kind of baggage Bart Scott is carrying around these days and for many it has severed heartstrings - heartstrings tied to the fans of the Baltimore Ravens.

Bart has for a long time carted around a boulder-sized chip on his shoulder for Ray Lewis. He believes that he did all the dirty work and Ray got all the glory. Someone please tell Bart that Ray accomplished just a few things prior to his arrival in 2002 as an undrafted free agent.

Obviously this resentment has reared its ugly head in the Jets' locker room. Where else do you think this tidbit delivered by Kris Jenkins before opening night originated from?

"I just hope [on Monday night] [Ray] doesn't hide behind the other linebacker that's taking all the hits for him."

I must admit that my exposure to Bart and the person I thought he was left me with the belief that he was grounded and would never go "big time".

I was wrong and that's too bad.

Now he trashes the very organization that discovered him; gave him a chance to succeed and the ability to provide for his family in ways never before imaginable. Last season Bart told the world that Rex Ryan was the real head coach of the Ravens in 2008 - not John Harbaugh. On Thursday he shared his feelings with the New York Daily News on the Jets recent acquisition of former Raven Trevor Pryce.

"I think [the Ravens] had every intention of bringing him back, but we beat them to the punch," Scott said. "That just shows you how much love people have for Rex. He's willing to leave a football team that's competing for a playoff spot-possibly a Super Bowl spot to come to another one because of his relationship with Rex. I'm sure they had every intention of bringing him back on Monday. But he picked Rex."

"There was only one team that could possibly pull this off," Scott added. "And we pulled it off."

Bart didn't stop there...

"[Trevor Pryce is] a grown man. He gets to go wherever he wants to. It ain't my fault that he likes me more than he likes you. It's his decision. You get jealous when a chick picked your friend and didn't pick you?"

And according to Bart there are more Ravens just like Pryce ready to take the Amtrak Express from Charm City to the Big Apple.

"I guarantee you that there's probably [Ravens] in the same spot right now jealous as hell. Trevor probably gets texts like, 'Man, come get me too.' I guarantee you there's at least 15 other players over there that's praying to God that they get released for a half a day too, so they can come over here. They won't admit it. But I guarantee you."

Bart is either stupid, heartless, unappreciative, possesses an inflated sense of self-entitlement, has large stones that are somehow blocking blood flow to the brain or he's just sucking up to Rex Ryan so that he can see his inflated contract to its very end.

Maybe it's all of the above.

Maybe he just can't help himself and Rex Ryan's rebel cowboy ways simply enable these behaviors in Bart.

And now that Pryce is gone, he seems to have quickly jumped on the Bash Baltimore Bandwagon.

Reduced primarily to a pass rushing specialist, Pryce expected even fewer snaps because in his estimation the Ravens struggled on first and second downs.

"We couldn't stop water from running," he said. "We had some stuff to work out."

No argument there!

The Ravens struggled to stop the run against the Browns particularly when defensive coordinator Greg Mattison used pass rushing sub packages on second and third and long.

Guess who was on the field then?

Pryce has fallen well short of the mark in run support as evidenced by his 1 tackle in 3 games. And while the Ravens have publicly stated that they wanted to bring back the specialist, the truth is they really didn't care if someone else picked him up because he's done next to nothing this season and is a shadow of the player the Ravens brought to Baltimore in 2006.

Don't think for a second that Ozzie Newsome was duped. Maybe, just maybe the Ravens knew all along that Rex Ryan would scoop up on Pryce and they were doing the 35 year old tackle on the distant back slope of his career a discreet favor. Pryce believes the Ravens took "a calculated risk" by releasing him

He may be partly right.

It could have been calculated.

Perhaps this was all a grand scheme on the part of the Ravens' front office to cut an unproductive albeit popular player without backlash in the locker room.

Whatever the case, the Ravens aren't all too bothered by the loss of a player destroyed recently by the Browns' offensive line while the Jets predictably believe they've scored on another washed up veteran.

"We saw it as an opportunity - a window, maybe," Rex Ryan said. "As soon as we saw that they released him, we, of course, got a little excited about it. At first, I was like, 'There's no way he was released.'"


Good luck in New York Trevor.

Thanks for the memories.

And by all means have Bart and Rex keep a few seats warm for future Harbaugh flunkies.

We hear that's the place where aging veterans in need of some TLC want to be.


Jerry B said...

Egos being what they are, jettisoned players usually "defend" themselves by bad-mouthing their former teams. Edgerton Hartwell and Adalius Thomas come to mind and we all know how they wound up. The last time I looked, Bart Scott wasn't exactly the "force" he was playing next to Ray Lewis, so he substitutes his "mouth" for his performance. From all accounts, Trevor Pryce is a quality individual who gave us some great years, but egos and human nature being what they are, he's on the Rex Ryan/New York Jets bandwagon now. To which I say.......good luck! The only question I have has to do with replacing one "over-the-hill" player with.....another!

Phil from Frostburg said...

Bart's behavior to his old team is just plain sad. Shows more about him than the Ravens. I'm sick of him and Rex now. I think many of us are turning the corner into Jets-haters now. That said, the Pryce release just makes no sense. It's clear the Ravens released him ONLY to beef up special teams for one game before bringing him back. If the Ravens had such concern over his play, he wouldn't have made the team out of training camp and secured his $2M salary for the season at the expense of putting Kelly Talavou on IR with a fake injury.

How was Pryce less valuable than Edgar Jones and Marcus Smith? With Barnes gone and Suggs now easy to double team, there's no pass rush to speak of. The next few weeks will show whether Pryce truly has anything left in the tank. This was a case of the Ravens taking a gamble by playing fast and loose with the roster, and they lost big time.

Tony Lombardi said...


As you alluded to, maybe we should sit back and see how it plays out until we rush to judgment.

Tony Lombardi said...

...see what happens when you rush...

I meant "before" not "until".

Couple more thoughts...Jones and Smith provide solid special teams play...particularly Smith.

And I think the recall of Hamlin is about more than just a few special teams plays. I guess we'll find out.

We'll be keeping a close eye on Pryce.

Phil, how much rain did you get out there in Frostburg?

Phil from Frostburg said...

Don't know. I just like the alliteration. As I openly stated when I started with this moniker, never been to Frostburg, but it seems to make your readers feel better compared to just slapping Anonymous on the entries.