Thursday, September 30, 2010


No they don’t.

Maybe many of their Yinzer fans do but the truth is the Steelers don’t suck and those who suggest they do are cerebrally challenged or they aren’t much different than “dem Yinzers.”

Consider this…

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti – a pretty smart guy, right? He’s publicly stated on a few occasions that he would like to model his organization after that of the Steelers because they have produced consistent winners while managing the club with class and style.

Don’t you want that for the Ravens?

If the Steelers truly did suck would they be such a heated rival?

I’m sure the poor people forced to live in Cleveland see the Ravens as a bitter rival. But here in Baltimore, we don’t view the Browns as such.


Because the Browns suck – and they have for a long time!

A true rivalry requires some semblance of competency and the logo-less team that wishes it was the Ravens has had none.

Let’s consider the Yankees for a moment. Most Orioles’ fans would say that the Bronx Bombers are the primary rivals of B’more’s Boys of Summer. Really? Do you think for a second that the Yankees or their fans see the Orioles that way?

Of course they don’t. They look at the Orioles in the same way we look at the Browns – as another free chip on the season’s bingo card. Let’s chalk up another “W.”

But the Ravens v. Steelers?

Now there’s a rivalry!

Consistently good teams that play similar brands of football comprised of players who respect but don’t like each other and in some cases, they hate each other. It drives the players – forces them to reach into the depths of their energy tanks to lay it all on the line to emerge as victors. It wouldn’t matter if the Ravens were the league’s best and the Steelers the league’s worst – THIS WOULD BE A WAR!

For me watching a Ravens v. Steelers battle on TV is excruciating. Every yard seems twice as long; every hit twice as hard; every penalty twice as costly; every turnover is the equivalent of a humiliating kick in the crotch; every bad officiating call almost always seems to go against the Ravens.

Even the President...well, let's not go there...

And then there’s that large collection of towel waving Yinzers who have a collective sense of entitlement and bad teeth. I could go on and on about other heinous and classless acts of Stiller fandom but I’ll refrain. There’s enough of that going down on message boards.

For now I’ll revel in the game’s build up and as it approaches I’ll pace like a caged tiger moments before feeding time. Then, when the ball is kicked off at 1:05 PM my wife, family and friends will keep their distance and hopefully cover their ears because there is no doubt bowling alley words that might make Chris Rock blush will be flying from my piehole.

This is football.

This is the Ravens v. Steelers.

This is the purple and black taking on those urine stained rags.

Would you want it any other way?


Jerry B said...

Like them or not, the Steelers are a well coached team. That being said, the only way they beat the Ravens Sunday with Charlie Batch at QB is if the Ravens beat themselves. As we've seen all too often, the Ravens are more than capable of that......