Friday, September 03, 2010

Ravens @ Rams: The good, bad, ugly & The Megan Fox

The Ravens for the most part played like they couldn't wait for the preseason to be over with. Subsequently, this blog will be written in that same "spirit."

The Good: The preseason is over; Curtis Steele's effort; Demetrius Williams showed up when he had to; Eron Riley albeit far too little, far too late; Jason Phillips against the run; KJ Gerard in spots showed why he should be on the practice squad again; David Reed's kickoff returns

The Bad: Troy Smith proved he's not NFL caliber - he should consider slot receiver but he won't.

The Ugly: The offensive line depth is very substandard. Bryan Mattison should consider the UFL; Prince Miller - hello basic knowledge for a punt don't field a punt inside the 10 particularly when back peddling; Jason Phillips in pass coverage. He would never have a career as a CSI. He can't cover a corpse with a blanket; Jalen Parmele in pass protection; Qadry Ismail's trip to the grocery store, showcasing his metrosexuality...I hope; to say WBAL's production was ugly is really an upgrade from what they actually delivered.

The Megan Fox: John Harbaugh for ringing up Dannell Ellerbe and reminding him that class matters to the Baltimore Ravens.


Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 Sept 3rd
...I am a firm believer in DISCIPLINE! Four years at a private high school in Baltimore, not only re-enforced the training and values that I learned from my Parents, it helped me achieve Success in the business world.
...If I were Coach Harbaugh, I would suspend Ellerbe for the first game of the regular season. You need to be tough with these guys. He is a young player and SHOULD KNOW BETTER: Obviously he does now. But, where is his HEAD? This is a slam dunk. You intercept the ball; Run for the Touch down: Hand the ball to the official and return to the bench.
.. I'm sure Coach spoke to the team and addressed this issue: I'm also sure that the same speech is given over and over during training camp! DISCIPLINE! I remember MASON mouthing off recently to a REF and that cost the Ravens a FG Attempt.
DON't these players ever learn?

Phil from Frostburg said...

A few more observations from the bleachers:
The good:
* Most importantly, no additional serious injuries to key players (I think).
* Will disagree with TL again on Troy and say he did prove he's a serviceable backup. When he had any time in the pocket, he threw well. He just has to run for his life on most drop backs when playing behind that horrific backup OL. He deserves a roster spot.
* Harbaugh not tolerating that showboating crap (but see more on this below.)
* Demetrius gets lucky because of Stallworth's injury and gets a roster spot as the only deep threat left.
* David Reed continues to improve and shows he has something to offer on special teams. Team will have to keep 6 receivers if they don't IR Stallworth. He won't clear waivers for the practice squad.

The bad:
* Cam Cameron's play calling. 4th and 1 dropback pass on the goal line with that OL was doomed to fail. Roll out the QB if you need to throw. We're seeing a heavy pass to rush imbalance this preseason that will be disaster in the regular season. Let's hope Harbaugh and Cam are just working on the passing game and this isn't a trend.
* Harbaugh made a great show but he has to share some of the blame for Ellerbe's immaturity. He and the coaches tolerate this kind of showboating and trash talking in practice in the name of fun. You play like you practice. Can't expect it will always be turned off in the heat of a game.
* I'm off the Jason Phillips bandwagon but hope he can still make the roster. Better technique might improve his pass coverage skills over time, so he has an upside I think. TL had his skills perfectly characterized (see, I can agree once in a while.)
* Again, the OL. Hard to believe we really can't find more serviceable veteran or undrafted free agents to round out a training camp roster. Where's Adam Terry when you need him?
* The game didn't play out in a way that helped the decision on the kicker. I still think they go with Graham because he didn't lose the job. Again, I'd keep them both...Cundiff for kickoffs and as insurance in case Graham still has the yips in real games.
* The poor performance of most of the backups will not have me feeling bad for any of the guys who just barely miss the squad (except Troy, if he's cut). I think the team and media have greatly overestimated some of these backups through training game. I doubt any of them have late round draft choice trade value like Burgess did last year.

Anonymous said...

41 of 80 played in game. If you assume that the 39 that didn't play are core players then it figures that only 14 of the 41 are destined for active. Using that logic, it's hard to fathom how the Ravens could have played very well at all...the only make-it's that played in the gam were Carey Williams (suspended), Prince Miller, Hamlin, Phillips, Ellerbe, Gooden, Nakamura, Talevou(IR), Kruger, Reed, M. Smith, Moll (just a few plays), Divens, McKinnie, Dickson, and Pitta, Koch, and Cundiff. The other players who played were all cut..

Phil from Frostburg said...

Well, it is a shame Troy got cut. I don't understand the logic when they kept guys like Divens and Prince Miller. If Flacco sprains his pinkie, the team will be scrambling to find the next Casey Bramlett. Looks like the final roster spots definitely emphasized special teams as usual. I'm OK with that with two exceptions. Marcus Smith offers nothing as a WR, and Demetrius would have had value as a deep threat while Stallworth is out and Clayton dinged up. Second, with our poor pass rush last year and suspect secondary this year, trading Antwan Barnes (probably for a 6th or 5th at best) is a real head scratcher. He's a knucklehead sometimes but still one the team's better situational pass rushers.

Anonymous said...

Biggest issue with Troy was contract. as a restricted fa, he was guaranteed 1.2m or so....that is too much for a third qb.

Jim Harbaugh said...

Me think Phil from Frostburg is really a Stan-White-Ohio-State-apologist-wannabe.

Just saying!