Sunday, September 19, 2010

The other Reed getting noticed but will he stick with club?

One receiver making a mark for himself without catching a single pass is rookie David Reed who registered four special teams tackles against the Jets.

Early during summer camp Reed struggled on special teams but so far he's shown signs of accelerating the learning curve.

"He never did [coverage teams] before", said John Harbaugh. "He really struggled early. He was kind of getting his rear end handed to him early on, and then all of a sudden, about halfway through camp, he started flipping that. He did a nice job."

That's a good thing for Reed because wide receiver mate Marcus Smith is also a popular player for special teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg. Some believe that one of the two will have to go when CB Cary Williams two game suspension is completed after the Bengals game.

Not so fast.

From what we hear, both Reed and Smith will remain on the 53 man roster because their roles as gunners are coveted. Don't be surprised if the odd man out upon Williams' return is one of the linebackers down on the depth chart.

Prescott Burgess and Jason Phillips better recognize!


Jerry B said...

This guy is a "player" who excells on special teams and will one day be a productive wide receiver as he was in college......