Sunday, September 19, 2010

McClain 4 RB is a losing campaign

Le'Ron McClain has championed his cause McClain 4 RB on his Twitter account and even printed tee shirts to distribute to teammates and coaches to support his cause.

It's no secret that McClain wants to be featured more as a runner and pass catcher and not just as a battering fullback. But that's unlikely to happen given the running skills of Ray Rice and Willis McGahee.

Maybe McClain should just let it go and focus upon honing his craft as a lead blocker.On Monday against the Jets, save an impressive block during McGahee's TD plunge the two-time Pro Bowl fullback had an outing that I'm sure he'd like to have back.

There is an opinion held by a few close to the team that McClain knows that the featured back is and should be Rice but McClain wants some of the carries that now go to McGahee - so much so that there are rumors that he's a less engage blocker when McGahee is carrying the ball.

Perhaps there is little to no substance to the story but it is worth watching.


Jerry B said...

Frankly, I've lost confidence in Cam Cameron, who looks more and more like the losing coach in Miami and less and less like an offensive "guru"! McClain was a "beast" at tailback 2 years ago and it's a waste of talent not to utilize his abilities to their fullest......