Sunday, September 12, 2010

J-E-T-S can be J-E-R-K-S

According to Pro Football Talk the New York Post's Bart Hubbuch made reference on his Twitter account about some juvenile behavior from the Jets and Jenkins relating to Ines Sainz (pictured during Super Bowl XLI Media Day), a female reporter from TV Azteca present at a recent practice.

Allegedly the Tweets told the story of defensive backs coach Dennis Thurman overthrowing players in drills in order to "accidentally" run into Sainz. Later Jason Taylor volunteered to participate in the drills.

Hubbuch described the scene as "hilarious."

Apparently the juvenile behavior spilled over into the locker room when Sainz entered. The scene has been likened to that of incarcerated inmates getting riled up by the promise of a conjugal visit. The most vocal offender was said to be Jenkins who defended the lewd behavior when he shouted, "this is our locker room."

Interestingly, the comments on Hubbuch's Twitter account are now said to be "temporarily unavailable." You have to wonder if the Jets asked Hubbuch to take them down fearing an investigation from The Commish.

One thing you can't deny with the Jets, they sure do dish out the drama.


Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 Sept 12th..
Regarding INEZ.... well... I've seen her before..
I think she has beautiful TEETH !
. I'm sure if INEZ entered Any NFL Locker Room, the response from the players would be similar to what we just saw.

Jerry B said...

As much as I appreciated Rex Ryan as a defensive coordinator, he's a real "loose canon" as a head coach, which is why he didn' get the job here. He's perfect or New York if he.....wins! If not, it won't be long before they're yelling for his scalp......