Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ravens' fight song doesn't have a fighting chance

I once saw a cartoon that pictured a machine gun salesman attempting to sell his wares to a king who was trying to defend his castle with a bow and arrow. The king with his back to the salesman said, "I don't have time for salesman."

Sometimes concepts are old and dated and there comes a time to let go of something that was once a tried and true formula.

Take the Ravens old/new fight song for instance.

I clearly recognize that this might be an unpopular opinion but count me among the minority that isn’t too keen on the updated model of the Colts (now Ravens) fight song.

Why do we need a fight song anyway?

The Ravens already had one, tried to push it and it flopped.


Because fight songs are obsolete.

With multi-million dollar high-def scoreboards and sound systems, why try to breathe life into a fight song that is so yesteryear? There are so many new and innovative ways to entertain and excite the 70,000 at M&T who bleed purple.

Does anyone still churn their own butter?

Anybody still listen to an 8 Track?

Feel like investing in a pay phone company?

Look I am a big fan of Baltimore’s football heritage. I get the Colts’ importance in Charm City’s slice of Americana. We even built a website to support that heritage and rally the masses to help Baltimore reclaim its relevance in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

That effort is a crusade that I’ll always support but isn’t it time to move on from that fight song?

I’m not suggesting it’s not a great song – it is! Upon hearing the first few notes the listener is taken back to a glorious place and time when Baltimore became more than just a place to relieve the bladders of travelers between Philadelphia and DC. Perhaps for just a few moments it brings Johnny U back to life at least in the forefront of our minds.

And that’s all good!

But the Colts fight song is a bookmark in time and to make it contemporary and purple just doesn’t work.

There are many, many high energy songs that can get me out of my seat after a big Ravens play even to the point of jumping and dancing in the aisle.

As for the new Ravens fight song as a tool to celebrate some on-the-field excitement – I don’t know…it’s a bit like having a shot of Chardonnay instead of Patron at a sports bar.

Just sayin’…


Scott said...

Well, Buzz Killington, way to shoot that one down...

Everyone knows that CDs produce better sound quality than vinyl records, yet how many people have held onto those old LP's even though they own the same album on CD? It's an aesthetic thing... a nostalgic thing... and every now and then you have to fire up the turntable and put on the White Album just because.

True, the younger crowd probably won't care about the "new" fight song (and they probably won't like it, either), but if it makes the older generations happy, what's the harm?

... or would you prefer to hear "Who Let the Dogs Out" another 4 million times? :)

shaslers said...


To me, the question isn't whether you like or dislike the return of the old fight song. To me it's whether you want a Ravens marching band at all. Has the band outlived its usefulness? Which it tough for me to say, but I think it's a valid question.

In a very modern stadium with tens of millions of dollars worth of audio and video technology, and unending "commercial" messages squeezed in between the in-game action, who is really paying attention to the band? Even during halftime when the band is featured, the sound they are able to project absolutely pales in comparison to the other sounds flowing through the stadium.

If the Ravens could turn their marching band into something half as badass as the Jackson State Marching Band, and if they could properly mic them so the sound was up to par with everything else, then absolutely yes, I would be completely in favor of having a band. But that's a lot of ifs.

If they could deliver on that, then sure, the old Baltimore Colts fight song should be the featured song. But you have to bring the band into the modern era before you can even discuss the song.

I have huge nostalgic feelings about the fight song. For the 13 years when there was no band I have fond memories of attending the Towson Fourth of July parade with my parents. Every year when the band marched by playing the old fight song, I'd turn to my mother and she'd have tears running down her cheeks. It was my only positive connection to NFL football for years. I absolutely love the song. But I'm indifferent about the out-of-date way it lives on.

Jerry B said...

If I'm not mistaken, the Baltimore Colts Fight Song grew out of a contest among fans. If they're serious about wanting a fight song, why not another contest? It would generate interest, enthusiasm and maybe even an honest-to-goodness song that would be easy to learn and sing after each score! (You just knew I was going to suggest something like this!)

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 September 1st
... I have to agree with JERRY B.... he and I must be from the same GENERATION..? I happen to love the TUNE (OLD FIGHT SONG)..My dad and I sat there on so so many Sundays and enjoyed that Song during that GOLDEN ERA when the Baltimore COLTS ruled the roost.

Jen Siler said...

Hey Tony, long time no talk! I have despised the band since the Ravens came to town. But after seeing the "30 on 30 - The Band That Wouldn't Die" on ESPN last month, I have to admit that now I love the band. And the fans voted to bring back the old fight song so I'm OK with it, even though I was against it at first. The Colts (now Ravens) Marching Band played a key role in bringing an expansion team to our town, so long live the Marching Ravens! I love the band!