Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Gaither's weight loss may influence starting lineup

While reading through and eventually posting Aaron Wilson’s new pieces here on Ravens24x7.com today, two things jump off the page at me: 1) Aaron’s commentary on Jared Gaither’s weight and; 2) An interesting little blurb about newly acquired CB Doug Dutch.

Gaither is like a walking reality show. He’s dropped down to 311 pounds, 29 below his ’09 playing weight of 340 pounds. That is substantial and not to have consulted with the team before taking the Medifast approach is just flat out irresponsible and/or selfish.

The team has strength and conditioning specialists on staff. If Gaither was genuinely trying to improve his play by re-sculpting his body, why not consult with them if in fact he has the best interests of the team in mind?

Gaither chose not to work out with the team during the offseason. But despite his poor attendance during OTA’s, the team did see him on occasion. Twenty-nine pounds just doesn’t go away between mid June and mid July, does it? Were the Ravens not paying attention?

Aaron’s take on the weight loss is thoughtful. Could Gaither have intentionally dropped the weight so that the Ravens would be forced to play him at left tackle? Left tackles in the NFL are usually more nimble than their counterparts to the right. They are generally asked to control speed rushers while right tackles usually are tasked with battling larger and more physical defensive ends.

Left tackles are paid substantially more money than right tackles – significantly more money (unless of course a club is protecting a left-handed quarterback).

Might Gaither’s agent Drew Rosenhaus have steered his client down Jenny Craig Lane in order to get the bigger pay day next season?

Some might say that conspiracy theorist rhetoric. But given Rosenhaus’ track record of gamesmanship at the bargaining table, the notion can hardly be summarily dismissed.

Speaking of thought, it seems to me that the Ravens didn’t give much of it to the trade of John Beck to the Redskins for CB Doug Dutch. This shakes out for me as trading one warm practice body for another. Dutch arrives today to take away some of the CB reps from the injury depleted secondary and that’s ok I suppose.

But if you are expecting another Ozzie Newsome diamond in the rough with Dutch, don’t hold your breath. You see the Maryland native couldn’t even make the final cut for the Las Vegas Locomotives of the United Football League.


Jerry B said...

Someone once opined that, "it's attitude more than aptitude that determines altitude" and Jared Gaither continues to live up (down?!) to his reputation as one who lacks motivation, discipline, work ethic, attitude etc. Add to that the fact that he appears to be injury prone and you have a recipe for.......failure! How long it will take the Ravens to come to that conclusion continues to be a mystery.......

Harryos29 said...

I love what JERRY B wrote! I think that the RAVENS took a FLIER on Gaither, mainly because of his huge body. I would have done the same thing. But now, its the bottom of the 9th for this grand experiment...and I think the count is down to OH and TWO! Face it..if they had somebody better to move into Right Tackle they would have done it by now: don't ya think?

Harryos29 said...

HARRY OS 29 Aug 7th
...Regarding GAITHER. I may have said this before. Good Teams, Cut their losses, and move on!
..If you have paid attention to the New York Yankees methods; you have noticed that they jetisoned such players as JOHNNY DAMON and a few others. This is the way GOOD TEAMs stay on top.
...However, Gaither is not a veteran, but a player who came out of College way too soon, and is either receiving BAD information from his agent, or is just plain Stupid. Offensive linemen in the NFL, generally have long careers and tend to accumulate some nice pay checks over their careers. ME THINKS GAITHER IS THROWING ALL OF THIS AWAY!

Harryos29 said...