Monday, August 02, 2010

Criticisms of Newsome unwarranted

Today the Ravens sent John Beck down the Baltimore/Washington Parkway to compete for the title of backup QB to Donovan McNabb. In exchange the Redskins put Doug Dutch, a relative unknown cornerback on the Amtrak - destination Penn Station, Baltimore.

Beck was obviously not going to make the Ravens final 53 man roster, not exactly the league's best kept secret - hence the paltry price to pay for a 2007 second round draft pick. Ozzie Newsome's John Beck hotline was about as busy as Chris McAlister's John Harbaugh hot line.

Crickets please...

Dutch has little chance to stick with the Ravens but he is a body and the Ravens need some legs out there at corner during camp. Fabian Washington's workload is a bit light; Lardarius Webb remains on PUP while Chris Carr and Travis Fisher sat out today.

You get the picture.

Many are criticizing Newsome for not bringing in more talent at corner via free agency, the draft or both. But the criticisms aren't warranted. The team has scoured the waiver wire for free agents and much to our collective chagrin they just haven't unearthed the next Nnamdi Asomugha. Having signed Domonique Foxworth last year coupled with budding star Webb waiting in the wings, an expensive free agent splash along the lines of a Dunta Robinson just didn't make fiscal sense.

Remember the credo, "Right player, right price"?

As for the draft, who can fault the team for staying true to their draft board? That's another credo that has paid handsome dividends.

Jared Gaither was back out on the field on Monday and took all snaps with the first team at left tackle. Gaither is a tough one to figure out and the team has to be wondering how to motivate the enigmatic offensive lineman. He's unpredictable and therefore not dependable and consequently Michael Oher should be given the job to protect the blind side.

Many have wondered how Paul Kruger is performing with his added weight and muscle mass. Kruger was never exactly the most fleet-footed defensive lineman and the added girth seems to have slowed him down even more. Kruger has been largely stealth so far during camp and unfortunately is looking more and more like a reach in the 2009 NFL Draft.


Phil from Frostburg said...

Sorry - Ozzie and Eric deserve a lot of criticism for banking too much on Washington's and Webb's return. The team is in dire straits in the secondary, and with Kindle out, it's basically the same pass rush as last year, just hoping the same guys improve. They passed on a lot of CBs late in the 1st rd and early 2nd rd when they traded down. I'll be tracking those players' progress closely.

The team has potentially the same situation at tackle if either Oher or Gaither miss substantial time. I read the camp reports about lots of sacks and heavy pressure from the defense so far. It's no secret why.

Jerry B said...

Critics of Ozzie forget that he drafted Kindle to provide more pass rush and take some "heat" off the secondary. Nobody could have predicted that Kindle would fall down the steps and fracture his skull and that Foxworth would tear his ACL. Look for the Ravens to "pressure" opponents with more emphasis on offense and more pressure on opposing QB's, both of which will take some pressure off the depleted secondary. Finally, before anybody counts out the free agents vying for secondary positions, the Pittsburgh Steelers once unceremoniously cut a QB by the name of Unitas who was literally picked up off the sandlot by Baltimore Colts' GM Don Kellett for the price of a phone call and the rest, as "they" say, is....history!

Tony Lombardi said...


Another example in the modern era along the lines of Johnny U...

Both the Steelers and the Ravens cut an unknown LB who would later become the Defensive Player of the Year..his name...

James Harrison.

Anonymous said...

Phil--What corners did the Ravens pass on in the second round that warranted a look there? I'm talking with pick 43. Who did they pass on that you would have taken?