Saturday, August 07, 2010

Carr looking good, Webb not far off

Chris Carr has looked sharp during camp and has shown to be a solid cover corner. His confidence improved sharply following the bye week in 2009 and it continued through the playoffs. The offseason has done little to change that.

Carr's backfield mates Fabian Washington and Lardarius Webb are ahead of the recovery curve from torn ACL's. Washington is already back on the field and he'll get the green light to go against the Jets on Opening Day barring any setbacks.

Word is that Webb will be ready to begin practice in about 3 weeks and if he tracks the way Washington has in the healing process, he could be back on the field by Week 2 or 3. That means that he's unlikely to hit the PUP list and that could threaten marginally important roster spots like a No. 3 quarterback.

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Phil From Frostburg said...

Looks like Carr now has a bad hamstring to join the walking wounded in the secondary. Walt Harris gone. Cary Williams suspended two games. Doug Dutch horrible by all accounts. This just can't get any worse for the secondary, can it? Meanwhile, Kindle goes to rehab, which if you know anything about rehab means he's got lingering mobility or cognitive issues, not just a bad concussion and cracked head. He's not coming back to football this year, and I just hope for the best for his recovery long-term. Over on the offensive side of the ball, with Gaither out, I keep reading camp news from multiple media outlets about how it's a feeding frenzy to the QB every practice.

With such great depth at RB, LB, and DL, Ozzie and Eric have to do something now via trade to shore up CB and OL. I hate to give up quality depth elsewhere, but I don't see another choice as there's no Terrell Owens-quality player sitting out there at those positions.

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 Aug 7th
...I heard our RESIDENT RAVENS
commentator, MIKE PRESTON, comment this week that WEBB is a SHUT DOWN corner when healthy. He should evolve as the ultimate Replacement for MC ALISTER, even tho Lardarious is not as big of a physical presence.
..HELLO to COACH HARBAUGH. Do not under any circumstances let this kid play special teams. He is way to Valuable!