Sunday, July 04, 2010

Terrence Cody could be a difference maker in 2010

It's difficult to reach any conclusions at this point in time as to whether or not Terrence Cody will make a big difference in 2010 for the Ravens defense. But that said the initial signs are encouraging.

During OTAs Cody was very disruptive at times and his explosive first step reminded some observers of former Ravens Pro Bow DT Sam Adams.

One of the concerns about Cody leading up to the 2010 NFL Draft was he burgeoning waistline and his not so flattering pecs. At the NFL Combines, he looked overweight and out of shape but by the time he had his Pro Day, he shed some weight and looked a bit quicker according to some scouts.

He then went from a weighting down mode to waiting for the draft and that free time sent a message about Cody.

Would he get lazy and balloon up again or would he continue to put in the work?

To the delight of the Ravens, Cody continues to lighten his gravitational force atop a scale.

"We are really, really pleased with the player we see," Defensive coordinator Greg Mattison said recently.

"All the things we hoped, all the things we thought we saw either on film or at our workout or heard by word of mouth from coaches we respect ... all those things up to this point have been coming through."

Together with Haloti Ngata, Cody could be part of a menacing duo that can eat up blockers, collapse the pocket and enable Terrell Suggs and Ray Lewis to clean up and rack up some impressive stats.

That said it could push Kelly Gregg closer to the end of his fine career.

These are among the many things Ravens fans can look forward to in Westminster beginning July 30.

Twenty-six days and counting...


Jerry B said...

It's hard to imagine any team running on the Ravens this year, particularly in the middle! Here's hoping that they add a formidable pass rush to go with their run stopping, a tandem that will make them hard to beat! That being said, many of their losses last year were attributable to them beating themselves with ill-timed and inopportune penalties. Hopefully, the discipline will improve along with the talent.....

Thomas said...

Thought you would like to know and perhaps make the announcement, the ratings for the Ravens in Madden 11 have been released! Here's the URL:

Exciting stuff, I appreciate all you do!

All the Best,

Jay Row