Thursday, July 01, 2010

Suggs: "We're not winning any games or Super Bowls in OTAs"

Terrell Suggs was recently on 105.7 The Fan with Scott Garceau and Jeremy Conn. They asked Suggs about his participation (or lack thereof) during OTA's.

"Some guys need to be under the supervision of the coaches and the strength coaches and working out with the team, but some guys just don't need that. Some guys, it's better for them to work individually with a trainer. I've always worked out with a trainer, and it's worked out thus far for me pretty good. But some guys do feel as though they work better with the team, within the group.

"As far as the OTAs thing goes, a lot of guys get hurt. I don't think a lot of guys would like to take that risk. It's OTAs, we're not winning any games or any Super Bowls in OTAs, so I'd rather just stick to my training and be in top shape come training camp."

Makes sense to me IF Suggs shows up on July 27 in top shape. Last year, well let's just say he was carrying a U-Haul's worth of junk in the trunk.


TSN Ministries said...

That IS where they are won sir!

BitterSuburbian said...

He is not winning over any fans with this crappy attitude.