Saturday, July 17, 2010

Putting the sizzle back in Suggs

Besides the injuries of Ed Reed and the perceived question marks in the defensive backfield, perhaps the biggest concern about the Ravens amongst the team's fans is Terrell Suggs.

Is he a fat cat resting on his laurels and millions?

Does he still care enough about the game?

Why wasn't he a more enthusiastic participant in OTA's?

Will he report to camp out of shape?

Did the Ravens waste their money on the three-time Pro Bowler and former Defensive Rookie of the Year?

Legitimate concerns one and all...

But fear not Ravens' fans!

A source close to Suggs has shared with me that the team's best pass rusher has tackled his offseason with a chip on his shoulder and that he's determined to silence his critics. He has been busy training in Arizona; he's embraced mixed martial arts as an alternative training regimen and to improve the use of his hands in order to disengage blocks; dropped 25 pounds which puts him at an estimated 260; and he's hired a nutritional chef to help put the sizzle back in "T".

Now if he could just drop the delusions of grandeur regarding "T.O."!


Harryos29 said...

HarryOS29 July 17th
If Suggs does not Report...I would consider trading him. You cannot win with Disgruntled Players..IMHO...but As Dennis Miller always said...I could be wrong?
... Lets hope that he reports in the best shape of his life and plays lights out

Jerry B said...

A rejuvenated Suggs would be good news for the Ravens and bad news for opposing QBs.......

Hey, Hey, Hey said...

I'm not ready to sell out on Suggs just yet but if he shows up to camp imitating bad Oprah, I'll be wondering what Ozzie was thinking when he made this cat the highest paid linebacker in NFL history.

The jury is out but the case against Suggs has merit. We'll see in a couple weeks.

Harryos29 said...

Hey.. I first addressed this when I was at the BEACH in North Carolina. We arrived home today in good old MARY-LYN HUN. I say the Suggs issue is a BINARY one. FOR non computer geeks like me; its either a one bit on, or off!
SUGGS either shows up in shape and plays or he doesn't; its all up to him. Harry OS 29