Monday, July 26, 2010

Kindle ruled out for training camp

John Harbaugh told the media today that Ravens rookie Sergio Kindle suffered a fractured skull after falling down 2 flights of steps. Harbaugh explained that Kindle visited a friend, was unfamiliar with the house and took a wrong turn in the dark.

He is not expected to be a participant in training camp and at this point it would appear that he is a likely candidate for the PUP List or worse, injured reserve. He has not yet signed a contract and this development should make those discussions very interesting.

For a team that just 2 weeks ago had nothing but a positive off season, this incident coupled with the Ed Reed drama and Cary Williams' suspension have stolen some of the thunder leading into training camp.


Lawrence Taylor said...

Kindle is a knucklehead. There's a pattern here, don't you think? The Ravens should be careful with the contract he is offered.

I bet the Bengals are really pissed that they didn't draft this guy.

Rick in Essex said...

Would the Ravens have drafted Sergio if he had fractured his skull one day before the draft? No.

They now have an opportunity to cut him before they have to sign him, as no one knows his football, much less personal, future capability.

The Ravens have been afforded the window of opportunity they cannot afford let close.

Say thanks for nothing Sergio, and please Ozzie, no more dice-rolling for second round picks.

Have you learned your lesson yet?

Jerry B said...

Let's see: first, there was the DUI (Driving Under the Influence); then there was the DWT accident (Driving While Texting), now comes an accident that he attributes to "taking the wrong turn on a flight of stairs", which sounds very much like it could be FWI (Falling While Intoxicated). As the saying goes, "Forewarned is.....forearmed"! Maybe the Ravens need to re-think this one.........

Phil from Frostburg said...

So much for the "fix the secondary by fixing the pass rush" philosophy. Even minor skull fractures take three months to heal. It seems hard to fathom how Kindle can see the field this year. Walt Harris, the only CB depth signing in the offseason, also failed his conditioning test. It's one thing for a space-eating DL to not be in the best condition, but a CB?? Not a great start to say the least. What's Plan B, TL?