Friday, July 02, 2010

Dwan Edwards takes swipe at Baltimore

I remember back during the 2007 season hosting The Bart Scott Show down at Della Rose's Avenue Tavern in Canton. One week Bart invited Dwan Edwards to join us.

During one of the commercial breaks, Bart mentioned our site to Dwan and in an instant his body language changed. He took exception to some of the criticisms delivered by Ken McKusick, one of our columnists who you may know as FilmStudy.

In Ken's defense when Edwards began to play better in 2009 (he missed 2008 with a back injury), he was equally as quick to extend kudos to the now former Raven.

Edwards as we all know has moved on to greener pastures, opting for a four year, $18 million deal in Western New York instead of staying with the Ravens.

Who could blame him? The Ravens were unsure of how the bulging disk in Edwards' neck would impact his future career and they opted not to extend a similar contract to the former Oregon St. Beaver. Now he has a fresh new start. He has his fortune and now he is seeking the fame.

"I've been around such great players - Ray (Lewis), Steve McNair, Deion Sanders, Jonathan Ogden - and I've learned so much from just watching and being around them for so long that I feel like I know what it takes to be successful in this league," Edwards told the Billings Gazette.

"I just want to bring that to Buffalo in any way that I can."

Edwards has been a good guy, a hard worker with a high motor and a man involved in the community. He's a former Raven that most if not all fans from Baltimore would wish all the best - until he delivered this salvo to the city of Baltimore.

"People are very friendly out in Buffalo. I've noticed that more than anything. It kind of reminds me of [Billings, MT]."He continued, "It's definitely not like Baltimore. People are very friendly. They have diehard fans out there [in Buffalo]. They're ready for a winner and I hope we can deliver."

Not friendly in B'more?

This is after all Charm City, right?

No diehard fans in B'more?


Ask Willis McGahee how friendly the fans in Buffalo are.Ask a Ravens' fan who traveled to Buffalo on October 21, 2007 just how "hospitable" those fans in Orchard Park, NY were.

It will be interesting to see if the Ravens fans fire back when the Bills visit Baltimore on October 24, 2010, you know, given that the Bills haven't been very relevant as of late.

Dwan Edwards, the Bills...

It could be that the hometown faithful at M&T Bank Stadium views that combination as too ho-hum to stir up any bile.

Time will tell.


Jerry B said...

"Sour grapes" from a guy who never quite lived up the hype here. Let's see how he fares in November and December!

Phil from Frostburg said...

How the heck does he know how friendly the Buffalo fans are? He just got there. You think they would have sat around for four years waiting for a 2nd round draft choice to become productive without skewering him? That was lame, Dwan.

Jim C. said...

This guy went to my church during his years in Baltimore. The people there couldn't be nicer, but Dwan never spoke to anyone. On a few occasions I tried to engage him in conversation, either about football or how cute his son was or whatever, but he pretty much turned his back on me every time. Once his wife was asked to volunteer with the kids and she responded "Do you know who my husband is? I can't commit to that!" Believe me, it wasn't the people of Baltimore who weren't nice, it's just that the Edwards weren't very pleasant. Others may have had a totally different experience with them, but my experience was shared by many other people. On the other hand, Justin Green and Attiyah Ellison also went to my church when they were Ravens and they were two of the nicest guys I've ever met. I agree with Phil, pretty lame Dwan.

Anonymous said...

Can't really blame him. Charm city? More like Harm city. You can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig. "Baltimore is a horse shit town" -A. Huff.

Anonymous said...

hey dude you dont like baltimore then get the hell out no ones asking you to stay.

Anonymous said...

Jim C obviously doesn't know the Edwards family then. I had the pleasure to get to know them and they are great. He is very friendly once you know him, he is just shy. His wife is an amazing woman and I don't believe that she would ever say "Do you know who my husband is" The Edwards are wonderful and I wish them nothing but the best in Buffalo.

Anonymous said...

Whatever Dwan...I had the unfortunate pleasure of having him as neighbor. Understanding he is a football star and have to be careful who he befriends, but common courtesy if your neighbors are out playing with their kids and they wave you could wave back. He typically would stare never wave, never spoke, and was the joke of the neighbor as the "Grinch". Yet Baltimore is not a friendly place... yeah ok.