Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Terrell Suggs, an unwilling volunteer

Terrell Suggs has been the whipping boy of choice for Ravens' fans lately given his apparent disdain for voluntary OTA's.

Generally speaking, Ravenstown wants to see more of a commitment from the wealthiest member of the purple and black and his offseason attendance suggests anything but.But at the end of the day, does it really matter if Suggs reports to voluntary workouts?

Are the rules different for him because he's coming off a subpar season or because he's been extended guaranteed bonus money reaching into the mid $30M range?

What matters is how Suggs shows up for training camp.Will he be in shape then?

Will he have a productive camp and will that carry forward to a productive season in 2010?

Now if he fails to produce, fans, coaches, management and his teammates can hold Suggs accountable.

We'll see how it plays out but until it counts between the lines none of the angst outside the lines does.

Photo by Sabina Moran


Sandiedosean said...

Great post Tony. It doesn't matter as all these camps are voluntary.