Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bulger's new deal with Ravens

With Marc Bulger's new deal, the Ravens will pay him $3.8 million in 2010. Some might say that's a bit of a stretch for a backup QB but let's face it folks, QB is by far the most important position on the field so why not have a capable backup who is playoff battle tested?

The Sun's Jamison Hensley pointed out that Bulger's $3.8 million outpaces Joe Flacco's 2010 salary of $2.78 million. What Hensley either overlooked by mistake or intentionally to get a rise out of fans is that Flacco's 2009 "salary" from his rookie contract was $1.535 million but with incentives Flacco's W-2 reached $8.6 million, according to the USA Today.

Heading into his third season and with an improved set of offensive weapons it's safe to say that Flacco's earnings will leave Bulger's in the dust barring injury.

The Bulger acquisition certainly raises questions about Troy Smith and John Beck who apparently aren't very highly regarded by the Ravens' coaching staff. Both are slated to earn a tad more than $1.1 million in 2010 and undoubtedly one of them will never see those restricted free agent dollars from Steve Bisciotti.

But which one will it be?

Well the Ravens will have the luxury of using both arms during the dog days of summer and let the two duke it out and help the team answer the question, "Who wants to be a Ravens' millionaire?"

Don't be surprised if neither makes the team.

The Ravens might want the money and the roster spot and may be confident enough that they can find a QB in an emergency situation on par with the talents of Smith or Beck. Who knows, either of the two still could be available later in the season.

And let's be real here, if the Ravens have to us either of these inexperienced signal callers anyway, would the season still bear hope?

It's a bit interesting that the Chicago Bears didn't make a play for Marc Bulger. Given Bulger's ties to Mike Martz one might safely conclude that the fit was a natural. Could Martz know something that the Ravens don't?

This loose connection between the Ravens and the Bears could come into play again should John Harbaugh decide to part ways with Smith and/or Beck. Lovie Smith and Martz might see the pair as intriguing backup prospects in the Windy City.


Jerry B said...

Good article, TL. Always important to have an experienced QB as insurance. Anyone remember a guy named, Morrall, who led both the Baltimore Colts and Miami Dolphins to Super Bowls when the starting QBs went down?! As for the Martz question, without knowing the facts, if I were Bulger, I would want to be with a team that has a legitimate shot at the Super Bowl at this point in my career. Baltimore probably gives him a better "shot" than the Bears. Just one fan's opinion.......