Wednesday, May 05, 2010

What's wrong with Kelley Washington?

Ask any fan around town who they would prefer on the Ravens final 53 man roster, Kelley Washington or Demetrius Williams and the answer is nearly immediate. The name Kelley Washington is the rapid fire reply. It’s nearly akin to asking, “What would you prefer a day at the beach or a root canal?”

The answer is rather obvious.

Well obvious to everyone except the Ravens.

Why even extend the restricted free agent offer to Williams? Why should the Ravens pay an injury prone guy like that $1.176 million? He isn’t exactly a “Mighty Man.”

Over the course of the last 3 seasons Williams has 41 catches and 2 TD’s to his credit – just 21 receptions in total over the last two campaigns. Last year alone Washington had 34 grabs while matching Williams’ TD total.

And let’s not forget that Williams does absolutely nothing for special teams while Washington is a very accomplished special teams player.

So why is Williams employed and Washington not?

It could be that Washington and his agent are waiting for the right fit and they probably are looking for at least a two year deal. He has bounced around quite a bit over the past few seasons and maybe the 2003 3rd round pick is looking for a little stability.

Good luck with that.

Multi-year deals are tough sledding for a journeyman receiver.

Perhaps Washington and his handlers will eventually realize that a multi-year deal isn’t going to happen and just maybe he returns to the Ravens in a role not unlike the one he had in ’09.

Despite not even being remotely close to the Ravens roster, the bet here is that when the dust settles and probably after Williams completes a few treatments and sideline sessions to nurse yet another sore hamstring, Washington has a better chance of making the final 53 than the former Oregon Duck.


Unemployed Clarence Moore said...

TL, you have been an avid supporter of D-Will over the years so I'm surprised to see you throw him under the bus like this. Not saying he isn't deserving of the treatment, just surprised.

For what it's worth, I do agree with you and if Washington will take a deal near that of Williams RFA tender, this is a no brainer.

Anonymous said...

He's probably a good guy and a hard worker, but the answer is simply because he's a 4th round draft choice, and the front office won't give up on him without providing the last sliver of opportunity to attempt to justify a bad pick. Eron Riley showed more in the last preseason game last year than Demetrius showed all year.

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 May 8th
... I was begging for the Ravens to play #87 since he came to Crab town. Now.. after 3 un productive years and not contributing a lick to "TEAMS".. I say.. Keep Kelley Washington and bid Mr Williams fare well. Look at what the Raiders just did with their HIGH draft pick QB, Mr Russell. Sometimes the team needs to admit a mistake: and Move on.
Sorry for being so proper and using MR (MISTER)...but I just listened to the Orioles win over the Twins today and the announcers call all of the players MISTER.