Saturday, May 22, 2010

Something to Talk About

During one of the Ravens recent OTA’s Cam Cameron insightfully pointed out that it’s easy to get excited about the performances of players running around in shorts without padding and without the “threat of contact.”

The threat of contact…

For me those four words lingered and in many ways they reshaped my perspective on OTA’s.

A new passing weapon like tight end Ed Dickson or wide receiver David Reed may look great crossing the middle of the field, extending and catching confidently and then quickly tucking the football to add yards after the catch when there’s no threat of No. 52 trying to separate the receiver from the ball.

Or worse…

Just ask Chad Ochocinco.

The pads and contact make a big difference and it’s then that we’ll really see what the Ravens have in their new rookie toys.

For all intents and purposes, these OTA’s help build chemistry on and off the field. They create familiarity and help the coaching staff install new playbooks, collectively leading the way to a more productive training camp.

Think of OTA’s along the lines of new employee orientation.

It’s all fresh and promising, perhaps even inspiring yet means very little until the curtain is drawn up and the real lights come on signaling the start of the season.

Until then OTA’s are just something to talk about.

Those NFL guys are pretty smart.


Unemployed Clarence Moore said...

Good points. Seems to me I read your camp notes each year (which are the best) and each year it sounds like Demetrius Williams is tearing it up.

Some guys practice well. Some guys play well. It's up to the coaches to determine which is which.