Saturday, May 01, 2010

Salary and special teams could spell the end for two Ravens

During the Pre-Draft Luncheon John Harbaugh discussed the new options in the Ravens passing game. Not once did he mention the name Mark Clayton when discussing offensive coordinator Cam Cameron’s weaponry.

Now that the Ravens have added to their arsenal with tight ends Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta plus Utah WR David Reed, it would appear that Clayton has slipped even further off Cameron’s radar screen.

And if that’s the case with Clayton, where does Demetrius Williams stand?

The odds are really stacked against both players. Neither contributes to special teams and both have had a history of nagging injuries, particularly during training camp. Williams is scheduled to earn $1.176 million and Clayton when he signs his restricted tender offer will earn $2.229 million. If either is injured during OTA’s or camp, the team is on the hook for their salaries.

Some believe that Clayton could bring something to special teams in the punt return game but to say he’s experienced in that department would be an overstatement. During his senior season at Oklahoma, Clayton had 7 punt returns, averaging 14.4 yards and 1 score.

That’s not much to bank on particularly when you consider that the team has added UDFA CB Prince Miller out of Georgia. As a Bulldog Miller averaged 14.9 yards on his 29 career punt returns with 1 score. The 5’9” Miller is said to have very good change of direction skills and is a definite possibility to make the team as a return specialist. The speedy defensive back who projects as a possible nickel or dime back has been clocked in the high 4.3’s.


rucknrun said...

They need to let Clayton go. He is not worth 500K let alone 2.2Million. I think the Clayton project is done.

Unemployed Clarence Moore said...

If Clayton was a richardhead he'd be gone. His rep as a good guy keeps him in purple. But the good guy thing will really be put to the test this summer camp. Here's how I see it going down. He practices, he pops a hamstring, can't play, Ravens have to pay, he's on roster but inactive most games.

Anyone know if Marcus Smith or Justin Harper has a chance to make the team? How many receivers can they keep. Hey wait, Clayton might be able to be out Troy Smith as the back up QB.

Anonymous said...

The Ravens would be unwise to release either one of them until they see Stallworth in a real game situation. The guy hasnt played in over a year, add to the fact that he spent most of 2008 sidelined with injuries and he hasnt played in 2 years. Its been even longer than that since he has been a real weapon for anytime. There is a reason that the Eagles and Patriots let this guy go after one year. All this talk about cutting Clayton doesnt make sense to me for that reason. Not to mention Stallworth and Boldin have been two of the most injury prone receivers in the NFL this decade and your talking about getting rid of solid depth to experiment with David Reed and Marcus Smith? Get rid of Clayton and the Ravens are doomed, mark my words because Stallworth and Boldin will not make it through the season without missing games due to injury. It hasnt happened in something like 5 years.