Sunday, May 23, 2010

Flacco, Cameron need to step up to realize Super Bowl XLV berth

Recently I was asked what might prevent the Ravens from advancing to Super Bowl XLV.

Many would say that the team needs to stay healthy. But that’s a bit of a cop out, don’t you think?

It’s like someone asking who will be the next American Idol, Lee or Crystal and then answering, “The one without laryngitis.”

Most critics of the team will point to the secondary and say that they collectively need to play better to advance farther. I don’t buy that. The Ravens’ failure to reach beyond Indianapolis last post season had nothing to do with the secondary’s play.

That loss and the team’s shortcomings in the post season under John Harbaugh are on the shoulders of the offense – more specifically the passing game.

In five post season starts, Joe Flacco is 3-2 despite a QB Rating of 46.5 including just 1 TD pass and 6 interceptions. That has to change.

Now it could be argued that Flacco didn’t have the weapons then that he has now.

It could also be stated that those experiences bode well for him going forward and he can build and mature from his post season battle tests.

Others might point out that Cam Cameron hasn't exactly been very bold and daring in the playoffs, seemingly abandoning an attack mentality when he installs game plans against more formidable opponents.

There have been whispers about the Ravens fear and/or inability to throw across the middle. The words “tall throws to tall” have been kicked around a bit in camp circles and that could indicate that the team was unwilling to make riskier throws over the middle of the field behind the linebackers and in front of the safeties.

When 6’6” throws to 5’10”, the margin for error increases.

Whatever the case, the bottom line is that Cameron, Flacco and his new weapons have to attack teams fearlessly and improve upon the putrid 46.5 QB rating. They have to be more threatening against tougher defenses on the road in the playoffs.

Otherwise their road through the playoffs will continue to hit dead end after dead end.


Mike, Karin, and Trevor Lombardi said...

You're dead on. But it's that, plus we need to get the Colts "monkey" off our back. We've found a way to beat all the perennial solid AFC teams (Pats, Chargers, etc) when it matters. We need to find a way to beat the Colts, especially when it matters.

Anonymous said...

It's "big to big"....not "tall throwing to tall".


Tony Lombardi said...

The words "tall to tall" weren't my words...just repeating what's been said.

Keith said...

A second or two in the pocket by better pass blocking couldnt help. Flacco could work on his speed when he scramble's. Hes subpar and almost Oafy in that dept

Jerry B said...

I worry when coaches start to mess with a QB's "mechanics". The guy has played this position successfully for years and he suddenly needs a baseball coach to help him "learn" accuracy?! C'mon man, accuracy isn't taught or coached, it's instinctive - you're born with it. If you could teach it, every college QB would be a star in the NFL! All that being said, yeah, they do need to "step up" to the next level.....