Monday, April 12, 2010

Steelers make Holmes fall guy for troubled organization

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The Steelers have traded WR Santonio Holmes to the Jets for a 2010 fifth round pick.

Let’s allow that statement to linger for a bit…

Ok, are you kidding me?

Now it’s no secret that Holmes has off-the-field issues and there’s a building consensus that he will face a four game suspension in 2010. Still, the lopsided nature of this trade is an absolute head scratcher.

Couldn’t the Steelers have waited and shopped Holmes a bit more? Wouldn’t all of those teams with interest in Brandon Marshall represent a prospect list for the Steelers and Holmes? If the Seahawks for instance have considered relinquishing a No. 1 for Marshall might they not give up a No. 2 or 3 for the Super Bowl XLIII star?

Look it’s not as though either player is going to help senior citizens cross the street.

So the Jets steal from the Steelers.

How could Pittsburgh let that happen?

Look the Rooneys didn’t wake up on Sunday and suddenly become stupid. Of course they know they could have gotten more than a fifth round pick (that might not even make the team) in exchange for a former first round pick who put up 79 catches and 1,248 yards in 2009. The fact that they didn’t is a message in and of itself.

The Steelers know Holmes better than the Jets and better than any other team. Their willingness to part with him just says that they are fed up.

Yet it might say even more.

Could Holmes be the Steelers sacrificial lamb?

Might they point to their willingness to practically give Holmes away as their way of no longer tolerating inappropriate off-the-field behavior?

Might it also serve as an organizational cop out if they do nothing to reprimand Ben Roethlisberger for all of his embarrassing outside the lines antics?

It will be interesting to hear how the Georgia courts proceed if at all with Roethlisberger later today and if they don’t even more interesting to hear the Steelers’ organizational spin on the developments.

When it all shakes out, Holmes will be the fall guy, Rex Ryan and his burgeoning collection of malcontents (Braylon Edwards, Antonio Cromartie, and Holmes) will be smiling in New York and Roethlisberger will escape trouble unscathed as he has so often during games.

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thundrbandit13 said...

Tony you are half right. Holmes is not the sacrificial lamb here, he is the exclamation point on the message to Ben. The message the Rooneys are sending is when it comes to their name and their organization they do not like to see their name in a negative light in the media. Holmes, one ( Ben) would think was not expendable, a super Bowl MVP the teams leading reciever in 2009. The trading of Holmes is merely a message to Ben.. "straighten up, fly right, date with consent and within your age group and most of all without consent keep your stuff in your pants or you will be next."
Lets look at the troubles of Homes verse the troubles of Ben... Holmes says he sold drugs as a youth, was pulled over for speeding and tried to recreate the van scene from up in smoke with a blunt in the ashtray of the car, and finally he allegedly physically assaulted a woman in a bar. Ben crashed a motorcycle into a car while not wearing a helmet,and accident that was not his fault. Allegedly sexually assaulted a woman who for some reason chose to wait a year to cry foul,while having sent a text message or 2 claiming to be looking forward to seeing Ben 2 days after the alleged assault. Can one say money grab? I point to Terrell Suggs personal issues last year as proof that there are 2 sides to every story. Bens latest faux pas was to choose to go for an immature woman who was inebriated. I am not defending Ben I am just saying there are 2 people who know what really happened in that bathroom Ben and the young woman who has inconsistencies in her story. As a Steelers fan I am hopeful that this will be the last incident for Ben and if it is not I am even more hopeful the Rooneys cut all ties with Ben and trade him immediately. I will take 8-8 with a players of character over a Super Bowl win with a team full players of questionable character.

Tony Lombardi said...


Maybe this is just semantics...but referring to someone as a sacrificial lamb means that they have been blamed unfairly for something they did not do, usually in order to protect another more powerful person or group.

Clearly Holmes is guilty of inpropriety. My reference to him as a sacrificial lamb is really to suggest that the Steelers are redirecting the public focus as a way of protecting Roethlisberger.

I don't know if Roethlisberger is guilty of anything other than being stupid. Riding a crotch rocket without a helmet and then repeatedly putting himself in vulnerable situations with his very public drinking escapades is just dumb and as a Steelers' fan, you should have a problem with that.

I agree with you about character 100%.

thundrbandit13 said...

To think they said that Terry Bradshaw could not spell CAT even if you spotted him the C and the T. I do have problems with Ben. I have had problems with him since the crotch rocket incident. Holmes is not a sacrificial lamb because he did put himself in thsi position. Holmes is not being blamed unfairly. He was stupid enough to not hide the blunt in the ashtray, he was stupid enough to think whatever went thru his head when he allegedly launched the drink towards the woman in the VIP room. Probably something like "doesn't this woman know who I am... I am Santonio Holmes Super Bowl MVP, I made the catch."

Tony Lombardi said...

Ok, let's just agree that you are missing my point.

That said, I think Holmes is a punk and Rex Ryan better be careful. He is creating a pretty combustible situation in the Meadowlands.

Boy, Hard Knocks should be interesting this season...

Tony Lombardi said...

More info...

I've been told by a respected member of the media close to the Steelers that Roethlisberger still could be suspended by Roger Goodell even if the D.A. in Georgia doesn't announce charges today.

Couple that with Holmes who will be suspended by the NFL for 4 games for substance abuse and the Steelers didn't want to be sitting there at the start of the season with two guys on suspension.

Holmes I'm told is a good locker room guy. But his off-the-field incidents including idiotic Twitter posts referencing marijuana, combined with other inappropriate remarks, has the Rooneys furious. So much so that Holmes would have been cut had they not made the trade.

It also sends a message that the days of tolerating such behavior are over and if Roethlisberger is out of line again, drastic measures will be taken with him as well.

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 April 12th All posts here are valid. Here is my opinion. The Roonies have seen enuff of the JERKS of this world. I listened to a LIVE Radio interview with the Man whom Tony spoke about. He reported that BEN is a nasty person and has his head up.....well in the SKY.
... It would not surprise me to see the Steelers Dump Ben on the Raiders...
.. As for the JETS.. I think REX may have just bitten off more than he can Chew.. can he Chew is way to the AFC EAST..that remains to be seen?
I cannot wait for TRG camp to being.. I waited all winter for the ORIOLES to begin.. Now they are DONE after 6 games. Andy you'd better pull a rabbit out of your hat soon.. or KING PETER will be running you out of town.. just like he did the others who failed before you....