Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ravens still need more offensive punch!

Now that the Ravens have adequately addressed the position of wide receiver this offseason with the acquisitions of Anquan Boldin and Donte Stallworth and assuming that tomorrow’s Derrick Mason press conference isn’t to announce his retirement (again), most believe the Ravens will set their sights on a defensive player with the draft’s 25th pick – assuming of course they keep that pick.

I would agree that the Ravens need to get a bit younger on the defensive line. In fact it is my strong opinion that the biggest single need the team has is a pass rushing specialist. That said I would also argue that the Ravens defense is just fine as is for 2010.


I think Terrell Suggs will be motivated and determined to quiet his doubters and I also believe that Paul Kruger will do his part to help improve a sagging pass rush. I think that Cory Redding will bring more heat than Dwan Edwards did. I think that with a year under his belt, defensive coordinator Greg Mattison will pick up where he left off in 2009. Keep in mind the Ravens were the third ranked defense overall last season and the second best after the bye.

The Ravens defense didn’t keep the team from advancing beyond the Colts.

The offense did!

Give me a more mature Joe Flacco with more weapons. I like how Boldin shuffles the deck and changes the coverages. I like that Willis McGahee is still around to support a burgeoning superstar in Ray Rice.

And if the Ravens go for a tight end or a wide receiver with their first pick, I am totally down with that!

And if Dez Bryant somehow falls to the Ravens at No. 25 they should be doing back flips to the podium to submit his name to The Commish.

I seem to recall a guy named Randy Moss sliding down the draft board to No. 21 back in 1998. Could Bryant be this year’s Moss?


I’ll take five years of a guy with Moss-like potential.

The Ravens gave up 13.2 points per game last year after the bye.

They don’t need to prevent points, they need to score points.

Give me another offensive playmaker please!


Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 April 13th.
... If Bryant is there on the board, I say go for him. If I were the Ravens, I would NEVER draft another RECEIVER from FLORIDA....see Travis Taylor. I think our priority should be a TE. I love TODD, but...he is getting older..
.. Nice Opening day pictures. TONY is the MAN.