Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ravens' Brooks has some new toys

Ravens defensive line coach Clarence Brooks has some new toys this season. The Crimson Tide's Terrence Cody is stout at the point of attack and while his weight issues concerned some clubs, the Ravens were not among them. Ozzie Newsome shares a great relationship with Alabama head coach Nick Saban and as a result the Ravens gathered enough reassurance that they can manage the weight and shape the athletic behemoth into a very productive football player. Cody is a likable guy and is likely to pick up a few tricks of the trade from Kelly Gregg and Haloti Ngata.

Defensive tackle Art Jones was very productive in 2008 for the Syracuse Orangemen (he had 18 tackles in one outing against Notre Dame) and was highly regarded at one point. Jones grew complacent and was a bit out of shape in 2009. The Ravens believe they got value with the fifth round selection and project him as a productive rotational player.

Besides Cody and Jones, Brooks will now be working with Cory Redding. While the former Lion and Seahawk lacks experience in the 3-4 alignment he does provide three-technique efficiency and should be able to more than pick up the slack for the departed Dwan Edwards. He may not be the run stuffer that former Raven Justin Bannan was, but he does provide much more competency rushing the passer than either Bannan or Edwards. Interestingly Redding has been referred to as a more economical version of Trevor Pryce.

Here’s something else to keep in mind…Redding was once so highly regarded by the Lions (2007) that he was slapped with the franchise tag. Also, defenders seem to play better when they become Ravens, sort of the polar opposite of defenders that leave the Ravens’ system.


Purple Bleeder said...

Don't know why but assuming he makes the team, I think all of these new faces will help Trevor Pryce and I think he'll finish his career in style with 8 sacks and a ring.

Rexx said...

Great story! I did a story on Ravens Defensive Line Coach Clarence Brooks ("CB") on Baltimore Beatdown that the Ravens and Brooks liked enough to put a quote from the story in their team Guide.