Saturday, April 24, 2010

More From the War Room

The Ravens were well aware of the reported knee issues with Sergio Kindle yet their doctors were comfortable with his physical condition. Given his availability with the 43rd pick in the draft the consensus was that the former Longhorn is well worth what was deemed to be marginal risk. Kindle’s intensity could provide some special teams value as well…Terrence Cody is a player that some believed the Ravens would select at No. 25 depending upon how the board unfolded in the first round had they kept the pick and were unable to move out. While there are some mild concerns about weight, the team believes that Cody is moving in the right direction in that regard and has shown improved levels of maturity.

Ed Dickson's selection in the third has been lauded by most draft analysts and clearly it fills a need. It was however surprising to see the Ravens follow that pick with another tight end, Dennis Pitta. The BYU Cougar is somewhat reminiscent of Dallas Cowboys TE Jason Witten. The Ravens love his football instincts...Most will wonder why the Ravens haven’t selected a corner thus far in the 2010 draft (6th round pick still outstanding). They wanted to draft a corner but true to his long-standing best player available mantra, Ozzie has refused to concede to need. The last corner that the team thought was worthy of their pick was Javier Arenas, CB from Alabama selected by the Kansas Chiefs. Just a thought here, don't forget about CB Cary Williams who the Ravens plucked off the Titans practice squad last year. The team believes that he has ball skills and could emerge as a solid backup in 2010.

David Reed the WR selected out of Utah was described by ESPN’s Todd McShay as the best value wide receiver in either of the fourth or fifth rounds and. Reed is compared to Brandon Stokley…DT Art Jones is a player who once carried a second round grade before a knee injury. The Ravens get value and more depth to the all important position of defensive line.


Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 April 24th... I am pleased with the DRAFT so far. I have not taken the time to sit down and really digest it...but I will. I love Ed Dickson's selection and Pitta and another Wide Receiver. I guess the Ravens feel that they can fill in the CB position later?
...Sergio Kindle is an interesting selection... I can't wait to hear Bruce announce him down at the