Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Asomugha to Baltimore rumor has no merit

There’s a silly rumor floating around the internet about a deal that would send Jared Gaither and a 2011 pick to the Raiders in exchange for Nnamdi Asomugha. The deal sounds crazy and a team source indicated to me that it is. He added that the Raiders aren’t shopping Asomugha and then wondered aloud, "Why would they?"

Good question, right?

Al Davis’ pirates have actually had a pretty decent off season and another lopsided trade like this would be a setback for them.

Now if the Raiders were talking to the Patriots who seem to regularly fleece Oakland it might have some semblance of merit. But the Raiders of late have exercised more lucid decision making.

Maybe they stuck Al Davis in a closet somewhere out there in the Bay Area.

Funny, I just had this image of the controversial owner starring in a Weekend at Bernie’s sequel…


Jah said...

Even Al Davis isn't that stupid. Trading the league's best corner for a lazy player whose favorite time is 4:20.

Unemployed Clarence Moore said...

I haven't played in four years and Nnamdi still has me covered! Boy is a balla!