Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Terrell Owens will NOT be a Baltimore Raven

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Terrell Owens is coming to Baltimore?

What a joke, one started by John Harbaugh who was barely able to hide his laughter this past Saturday at the NFL scouting combine. That’s when Harbaugh was asked about the possibility of Owens in purple.

“You got me, we’re interested in T.O.,” Harbaugh said with a smile on his face. “We’re interested in all the guys that can make our team better.”

Two things there that most should have picked up on which indicate to anyone without their wide receiver needy heads stuck in the snow that Harbaugh’s response was at least slightly tongue-in-cheek:

1. The typical coach-speak/Harbaugh-speak about making his team better; and
2. He said it with a smile on his face

Everyone except our own Aaron Wilson has overlooked that screaming piece of body language delivered by Harbaugh. Hey but maybe if most of the media hadn't conveniently overlooked this important bit of info there wouldn't be so many web hits, sold newspapers or calls into sports talk radio programs...

Look let’s just get this straight right now – Terrell Owens is not coming to Baltimore.

Of course Harbaugh doesn’t want to say that. As a Bill Belichick student he is attempting to master the art of the red herring. He’s well on his way.

Plus Owens may represent a last resort for the Ravens. The entire organization seems hell bent on improving the passing game. If all else fails – all attempts to sign RFA’s, UFA’s, street free agents, make trades or navigate their draft board to upgrade their aerial attack, THEN Owens might be an option.

Keep in mind that in his autobiography Owens took a shot at Ozzie Newsome, claiming that one of the reasons he did not want to come to Baltimore back in 2004 via a trade with the San Francisco 49ers was because Newsome allegedly said to Owens' agent, David Joseph, "Sometimes, a black man has to be slapped."

Ozzie has never dignified the remark with a response.

It reeks of racism.

Why bring in a 36 year old wide receiver in the twilight of his career who just so happens to have more baggage than Samsonite and then plays the race card?

It’s all about risk and reward; right player, right price; considering all options.
At best Owens is a weak option for the team at the present time.

Let’s hope he isn’t their only option.

Then Harbaugh won’t be smiling so brightly.

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Jess said...

I wouldn't mind seeing TO here if..

1) Mason retired
2) He was the number 2 guy (Stallworth/Washington being 3&4)
3) We finally got ourselves a legit, young #1 guy.

Otherwise, I don't see where TO helps us for a year. Although he may still be a serviceable receiver, he's obviously not what he was in the past (one of the tops all time) I guess arguably he may still be the best guy we'd have on the squad, even with Mason..but I just don't see what good it brings. He's not the missing link to win it all next year. Our issues run deeper than that..and Flacco really needs a legit receiver that he can "grow up" with.

(Sorry for sound rambly, not enough coffee yet :) )

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with your blog. However, WNST's morning host said that according to his reliable sources at the castle that the Ravens have a legitimate interest in T.O. I wonder who his sources are? Could it be the short order cook in the kitchen?

Anyone who has followed the Ravens, even from afar, knows the Ravens will never give this has been the time of day.

Jerry B said...

Hope you're right on this one, TL. For all his talent, which he still has in abundance, the guy has been nothing but trouble wherever he's been. For those believing he can take the Ravens to another Super Bowl championship, he's been with 4 teams, none of which hoisted the Lombardi Trophy while he was with them and one of which came close, only to have T.O. throw their QB "under the bus" immediately following the loss! Joe Flacco entering just his third year in the league definitely needs help, but not in the form of a player who could cause much damage to a young QB's confidence. As I've said before, this is a guy who you pass "on" and not....to!

Jerry said...

Ever hear the term "last resort"?

That is what T.O. is for Ozzie and even then, they still might not pull the trigger.

Look if they really wanted T.O. they would have plucked him last offseason. This all started with Harbaugh's sarcastic response. Good for Aaron Wilson recognizing the cheekiness.

The Biggest Weenie said...

Anonymous, I'm sure you've heard that WNST gets the story first and they get it right all the time. I think WNST is really an acronym for "We're Narcissists!" They've become a joke!

Anonymous said...

Lets face it. Lee Evans won't cut it. He's old and has two catches this year. I love Torrey Smith and Anquan, and who knows. The ravens are desperate for a core, go-to guy to compliment Boldin. I would be extatic if the Ravens pick up a guy like Nate Burleson or Early Doucet But if the ravens are going to pick up a reciever, I rather it not be Owens.