Monday, March 08, 2010

T. Smith would crawl to Cleveland

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Yesterday it was brought to my attention that Troy Smith’s agent is campaigning for his client to be traded. And why shouldn’t he? What will Ralph Cindrich’s fee be for a QB who will forever be a backup in Baltimore?

Smith like any competitive athlete wants to be a starter really bad.

How bad?

Cindrich told the Canton Repository, "[Smith] would crawl from Baltimore right now to be able to play in Cleveland. That’s clearly where his heart is. That’s where his love is. He has a great relationship in Baltimore and with the fans as long as I don’t muck it up too much. He has a great relationship with [Ravens general manager] Ozzie Newsome.

“It’s just that this is where home is. In the offseason, he tells me, ‘Get me home.’”

The Ravens have extended the low restricted agent tender to Smith meaning they would get a pick equivalent to the round in which he was selected (5th round) in return should he sign with a new team.

It just so happens that the Browns have four 5th round picks.

Surely they could part with one, right?

Who knows?

Maybe the Browns don’t think much of Smith.

After all they are reportedly courting David Carr.

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Jerry B said...

Would love to see him go to Cleveland in return for a draft choice.....any draft choice, in fact!

Luigi said...

Seneca Wallace to the Browns should just about kill any chance of Troy Smith going to Cleveland.

And now that his agent has run his big friggin' pie hole to the max about Cleveland, what has he done to the marketability of his client?

I can hear it now from Cindrich: "Of course Troy would want to go home but he has always loved visiting Niagara Falls and he would happily play for the Buffalo Bills."