Thursday, March 04, 2010

Ravens look to gather Gaither's market value

First round tender offer to RFA may attract teams needing O-line help

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Back in December I wrote, “Don’t be surprised if the Ravens hang a first round tender on [Jared] Gaither as opposed to the first and third round tender. Given his sketchy track record and his list of somewhat regular nagging injuries that keep him on the sidelines, the team would do back flips if another club comes along and snags Gaither for the price of a first round pick.”

Now that this prediction has materialized at least in part, I’ll take it a step further…

Since the Ravens have the right to match any offer extended to Gaither, maybe they didn’t extend the first and third round tender offer to try and lure teams to actually bid on Gaither. Think of it as free assessment of Gaither’s market value.

The guess here is if Gaither and his agent agree to another team’s offer and it is outside of the Ravens price range they will happily accept the first round pick, particularly in this year’s draft which has extensive depth. If it’s a reasonable offer the Ravens might match.

And don’t be surprised if the team that comes calling for Gaither is his childhood go-to team, the Washington Redskins. Mike Shanahan has this year’s fourth overall pick. That is a bit steep for Gaither but the Ravens might even accept Washington’s second round pick, the 36th overall for the White Plains, Maryland native. An early second round pick in this year’s draft is easily on par with a late first round pick from 2009.


dave said...

I wish the Ravens would use this same concept with Mark Clayton.

"...and are expected to place an additional first-round tender on wide receiver Mark Clayton, according to multiple NFL sources.",0,1723665.story

Frankly, i find that rather disturbing. I wish that they would use 2nd Rd tender for Clayton. Nice guy, but suspect that he is what he's going to be. I be as happy as a pig in mud if they could get a 2nd Rd pick or a high 3rd for Clayton.

Tony Lombardi said...


Initial reports pointed towards a first round tender for Clayton. However you should feel better knowing that he did receive a second round tender.